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Greek Farmer Sick Of Muslim “Refugees” Illegally Squatting On His Land Gets Out His Tractor And Plows Over Their Tents

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Published on: April 3, 2016

Now this is the way to handle the situation. Those Muslims are illegally occupying this farmer’s land, which he uses to earn his living. It is actually a good analogy with Europe today, as Muslims are living illegally of the provisions of another while contributing nothing except waste.

This farmer took matters into his own hands and did what any sane, sensible person with a conscience would do- run off the squatters and take back what is righteously his own. These Muslims do not deserve any pity for being expelled, as what they are receiving is justice for the crimes they have committed and for which they obstinately refuse to apologize for. Nobody ever needs to apologize for doing what is morally right. 

The rest of Europe would do well to follow his example on a national level.

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*Article by Andrew Bieszad

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  • SouthernPatriot

    I am sure this Greek farmer has the problems that farmers the world over have with weeds. He regularly sprays herbicides to keep down the weeds to allow his crops to grow properly. If he would start including hog blood or lard in is spray and make that well known, I doubt he would need to plow over the tents and other illegal housing on his property.

  • Peter Theodoropoulos

    Ive been saying something similar for years. Let it be know that all munitions used by coalition forces are sprayed with pigs blood. The only problem would probably be the Muslim in Washington coming up with some bullshit rule of engagement saying we are violating his Brothers rights.


    He has every right to ask them to get out. This is his country and his land. As for that man who stated ” Where are “we” suppose to go?” My answer-“Go back to the country from which ‘you’ came from! That’s where you should go!”

  • Jenny

    I can see the picture from both sides. The “refugees” home country has been bombed by us for Israel, so they fled for their lives. But why did they flee to white countries? Why didn’t they flee to Israel? Nobody wants squatters on their land, pissing and defecating and generally trashing the land. So, the Greek was right to plow their tents.

    Since the governments are inviting these “refugees” into their respective countries, it should be up to them to take care of them. Let them camp out in the public parks and the city foot the bill for the clean up. (It’s still taxpayer’s money.)

  • Frederikahere

    You are delusional. You have no understanding of what is going on in the Middle East.

  • tionico

    no, their homelands have not been “bombed by Israel… what planet is your normal dwelling place? It is ISIS and other moslem factions bombing and kiling and destroying in the homelands of these refugees that drove them out. Why can’t they grow some spine, go back home, and take up arms and stand against the local tyranny? Have they no guts? Or are they so wimpish their homeland is not worth the fight to liberate it fron the tyranny of the invaders?

  • fedup

    If this farmer doesn’t get his crops in them he will get evicted off of HIS land for non payment of HIS bills. The bank then will kick HIS off of HIS land and HE will become a refugee. These people can go back to where they came from and fight for their country. The farmer is fighting for HIS country which these rapeuges are squatting on. Leave the farmer alone. How would you respond to squatters coming on your land?

  • James Kroeger

    And obviously neither do you! The surrounding Arab & Muslim countries won’t even accept these refugees. Who in there right mind want a bunch of free-loaders trashing their land?

  • malcolm7172

    Go back and fight for you homeland and stop taking other peoples land and trying to change their way of life to accommodate yours.

  • lolly

    I think that someone in the background intended to populate the west with Muslims with our governments complying with it. The goal was probably the destruction of Europe.

  • lolly

    This relocating the refugees is not solving their problems but it is only bringing all their problems to us, Sharia,culture problems, terrorism, employment and sustainability problems, etc. They should have helped them in Syria. But the goal was to destroy Europe.

  • Frederikahere

    I was referring to the ridiculous anti-Israel statement, not what the farmer had every right to do to trespassers on his land.
    Please read more carefully before posting.

  • Frederikahere

    You are absolutely correct.

  • James Kroeger

    Maybe next time you ought to word your comments better.

  • Frederikahere

    Last I checked, Greece is not part of the Middle East (YET).

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