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Garth Brooks Cancels Tonight Show – Claims “Distasteful” in Light of Ferguson

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Published on: November 28, 2014

Author’s Correction: This post was previously reflected as Brooks being in alignment with the rioters in Ferguson. I confess, in my haste and due to his previous statements concerning Barack Obama that I misread his comments. While I think his support for Obama is telling, especially in light of the Obama administration’s race baiting and sending of provocateurs to Ferguson, it appears to have been nothing more than a publicity stunt since there are no riots going on around the studio where The Tonight Show is aired. Brooks may agree or may not agree with the grand jury’s decision, the protests or the rioting, but has not come out and affirmed a position. I still question the extent of publicity stunt tactics like this which only give more fuel to the fire of what is taking place in Ferguson. With this statement, I have corrected the relevant portions of the article and the title to reflect this understanding. Many thanks to a friend who pointed it out to me.

Garth Brooks recently expressed his full support for Barack Obama and his administration. Now, he’s just digging his hole a little deeper. The Grammy award winning country star canceled his Thanksgiving appearance on The Tonight Show claiming that he believed it “distasteful” to promote his work as if nothing is wrong in the nation.

According to the local St. Louis Fox affiliate, “Singer Garth Brooks has canceled a Thanksgiving appearance on NBC’s “Tonight” show because he said it “seemed distasteful” given the reaction to the decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown this summer.”

The singer/songwriter took to his Facebook page writing that he would “gladly reschedule any or all appearances the networks will allow” and then ended his post with, “Love one another.”

I don’t know what is distasteful about a country singer, who has nothing to do with Ferguson or what happened, appearing on a television show, which has nothing to do with Ferguson or what happened.

Instead, The Tonight Show audience was treated to the antics of Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Colicchio.

While Brooks did appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, following the grand jury’s decision being made public, that appearance was pre-recorded. In addition to The Tonight Show, Brooks went on to cancel Live! With Kelly and Michael on Tuesday and Friday’s Today show.

Brooks is topping the charts with his comeback album Man Against Machine.

This is just another way to the American people’s attention away from the real criminals against the American people in Washington and to hinder justice from being done. It’s also a way for Brooks to gather publicity.

Though Rolling Stone said, “the machine certainly isn’t against him,” one wonders how Brooks and his album sales will do following this week’s promotion of Barack Obama and now this use of Ferguson to draw more attention to himself. One shouldn’t be surprised at these actions coming from an unrepentant adulterer. After all, it seems Brooks does have “friends in low places.”

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  • Lee Mitchell

    You have the right to support Obama & The Lawlessness in Ferguson if you choose, but I believe You have to ignore Facts & Reality to do so.

  • Grace656

    Please tell me this is a joke. Et tu, Garth? I thought country folk were a lot smarter than that.

  • JustSayNOtoO

    And I have the right to no longer support him

  • Lee Mitchell

    Me Too!

  • Kathy Nelson

    Garth, you’re no more a cowboy than, Obama is a president, now go sing about that.

  • Terri

    Never was a fan of Garth Brooks. Did he protest for anyone that was killed recently by blacks or the NJ kid killed by a terrorist for no reason or for the daily violent killings in Chicago? Typical liberal hypocrite. If Mike Brown was successful at getting the officers gun and had killed the officer, we never would have heard about Ferguson.

  • Dave from San Antonio

    …and just how many people does Garth speak for? I wonder. I think his somewhat dismal career just might be over…after his “announcement”…;)

  • pgc123

    Never did like Brooks, now I like him even less.

  • rosieb47

    Once upon a time, a friend gave me a Garth Brooks tape or CD or some music made by Brooks. Also a coffee mug and half a pound of coffee for me to enjoy his music. I never thought he could sing well and now I have tossed the tape out. I will put the mug in the goodwill bag tomorrow.

  • ReadsALot

    Go away Garth. Haven’t heard anything about you in years and don’t ever want to again. You’re Dixie Chicks to me.

  • Safety1

    See ya later Democrat !!!

  • junkmailbin

    garth just cut off his own dickie

  • Independent Voter

    I once had respect for Garth. but never again. He should leave the country. Maybe he can open for The Dixie Chixks. Oh, they don;’t have a tour because of what they said about George W. Bush. Country fans won’t put up with this crap.

  • Old Salt

    Me too…have’t followed this guy at all, in fact, I couldn’t name a Garth Brooks song. What I had seen of him, left me with the feeling he was kind of wussie or more of “drug store cowboy.” Well, seems my gut feeling was actually a distrust in his core values. I can’t figure some folks and can only figure he’s never read the constitution, the bible or any American history written prior to 1926 and has succumbed to the powerful elixir of fame, fortune and the lefty ideology that has you feeling guilty over your success and you should support those telling you about your guilt. I would say 90% of his wealth came from country conservatives…well…THAT money tree is gone.

  • Alleged Comment

    This why America will fall into civil war. There is just too much idiots running around and we got one big idiot running this country and he brought all his other little idiots to rule us.

    There is so much of them running around anyone can buy an idiot nowadays for cheap!

  • Donald Smith

    Go to Garth Brook’s FB page and post there, I do.

  • billybobz

    NOBODY has ever accused garth brooks of being intelligent.

  • billybobz

    Which pervert will garth be moving in with soon, clay aiken, billy gilman or ty hearndon?

    I say it will be clay aiken!

  • Dale Rhoades

    I’m finished with Brooks.

  • HP McLovincraft

    good for Garth!

  • Get A Grip

    try to top the charts while pushing away non liberals fans. I’d like to see that be done! Goodbye Garth.

  • Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

    There is ONE major difference in Recorded Music & Entertainment when I was “LITTLE BOBBY FARRELL” and the years long-after I dropped the “Little” and the Industry today. We had to EARN recognition by quality product tied with integrity in our business ventures. Today ANY scam, farce, deception is the norm and the massive FAILURES thereof clearly reveal ours were far-better business practices.

    The biggest blunder anyone could make, whether recording artist, broadcast personality, motion-picture or television ‘star’ was a PHONY ‘publicity stunt’ ….. they ALL failed due to exposure ….. and took the idiot with them, never to return to anything more than the skid-row circuit. As we all well knew: some fools will follow a rabid dog or buy a ticket to watch a sick-whore fall off a thundermug but that audience needs one more to have enough to start an argument!

    Garth’s ‘come back’ attempt obviously has one of two things: (1) absolutely jackass management; or (2) a terminal case of HEADUS RECTUMITIS, which bottom lines as the same thing! He’s NOT the first artist I’ve seen in a state of DESPERATION, but this one sure is a Master Piece.

    Personally, I have NOTHING against Garth (or any other artist) or their endeavors to make a living in this Best Of All Industries. But I know PHONY when I see it, and this ‘campaign’ has all the classic signs with NONE of the elements of integrity that show an honest endeavor that just isn’t working. Most campaigns don’t set the world afire, nor do they need to. They only need to show a decent, sound business profit; and leave the artist/group with their integrity intact – for the next album, tour, film …..

    Best of luck, Garth. As we say in this Industry, “Break a leg!”

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
    Aku Press, LLC.
    The Akurians
    VMG World Wide
    Vandor Motion Pictures
    Vandor Music Group

  • Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

    Alleged Comment …. as RIGHT as you are, it won’t be a “civil war” but a War of Restoration by Sovereigns overthrowing corrupt, murderous
    politicians, bureaucrats, educators, courts, police and as many media liars as
    necessary …. This PHONY stunt by Garth & Kompany only makes it one less trigger away …

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham
    Aku Press, LLC.
    The Akurians

  • SickandTired

    I never pegged Garth for a bleeding heart Liberal. Until Now! Good Riddance, urban cowboy!

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