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Hillary Clinton Thinks Barack Obama is Wrong on Christian Genocide – Or Does She?

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Published on: January 3, 2016

Finally something I can agree with Hillary Clinton on. Sadly, I’m not sure she actually means anything she says on this issue. In fact, I’m pretty certain she’s only sounding a pro-Christian note in an effort to pander for center-left Christian votes.
All of the cynicism being admitted, it’s a good thing to hear liberals (especially liberals as prominent as Clinton) admitting that Christians around the world are facing down a genocide from the Muslim community.
Here’s what she had to say when asked about the Christian genocide.

From Politico:

“Will you join those leaders, faith leaders and secular leaders and political leaders from both the right and the left, in calling what is happening by its proper name: genocide?” the voter asked.

“I will because we now have enough evidence,” Clinton said, acknowledging that she had been reluctant to do so because the term has “broad implications.”

It’s clear, Clinton said, that there is a brutally violent campaign “deliberately aimed at destroying not only the lives, but wiping out the existence of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East in territory controlled by ISIS.”

This is important for another reason.

The Obama administration has been more than happy to leap to the aid of Syrian and Iraqi Muslims, but they’ve been slow to offer any support for persecuted Christians. What may be even more grotesque is that the Muslim refugees are even persecuting Christians as they flee the violence in the Middle East together!

* Muslim refugees throw 12 Christian Refugees Overboard in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Muslims who were among migrants trying to get from Libya to Italy in a boat this week threw 12 fellow passengers overboard — killing them — because the 12 were Christians, Italian police said Thursday.

* Muslim Refugees in Germany persecute Christian Refugees.

They say, I’m a, kuffar ‘, an unbeliever. They spit at me,” says Said. “They treat me like an animal. And threaten to kill me.”

In the kitchen, Christians can not prepare their own food. Those who do not pray five times a day toward Mecca, are being bullied. “Above all, Christians who have converted from Islam have to suffer as a minority,” says Martens. “And they ask the question: Will we have to hide ourselves as Christians in the future in this country?”…

* Muslim Refugees threaten to Drink the Blood of Christians… in Germany.
“They yelled at my wife and beat my child,” said the Iraqi father. “They say … ‘We will kill you and drink your blood’.” Cases like this one are being reported from various parts of Germany.
Perhaps with a bit of pressure from Hillary Clinton and other Democrats trying to win election in 2016, the Obama administration will be forced to look more kindly on Christians facing genocide?

Again, I’m cynical about all of this and will continue to agitate for change myself because I don’t trust the Democrats (or the Republicans for that matter) on this issue. The people who need our nation to have a favorable stance towards their migration are Christians in the Middle East. Muslims in Muslim nations face no persecution unless they stand against their leaders’ politics; Christians are targets no matter what. While we can have sympathy for the true Muslim refugees (and we do), the only group who deserves our efforts and our help are those being persecuted for who they are.


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  • Kenneth Van Antwerp

    I don’t believe a word that comes from her.

  • SouthernPatriot

    Hillary Clinton would lie? Hillary would deceive? She would pander? Next thing I guess we would believe the sun is the center of the universe?

  • JCLincoln

    Hillary Clinton……the goddess that the Ruling Elite Cabal is salivating for.
    If she wins…we’re in the NWO. If she loses…WE TAKE AMERICA BACK!
    Are we off the couch yet and on the streets?

  • drbhelthi

    Hillary Clinton, who committed treason with her fraudulent, legal brief in 1975, as a member of the “impeach Nixon committee. Her legal brief prevented Richard Nixon from a proper defense. Her pattern of deceit and fraud has continued; it is now Jan 2016, a “few” years later. How long did the “Benghazi investigation” drag out, with abundant evidence of her having violated USGov procedures and possibly treason during the Benghazi debaucle? Her husband was governor of Arkansas, and administered the cocaine smuggling on the CIA airport location at Mena, Arkansas. He and she have provided excellent examples of un-American activity since their marriage in 1976. Of course, any advisement or comment she would make on any issue that relates with morality will reflect her basic pattern of deceit and fraud.
    All sources, that propagate her counsel to be worthwhile, are propagating false propaganda.

  • tex52

    She is a sociopathic LIAR and much worse. However, she did finally speak the truth about the ongoing persecutions. Albeit for her own political gain.
    Why was the question of her truthfulness even asked in this article ?
    Why was this NON article even run ?

  • Vunderkint

    Of course she knew that there was a Christian genocide going on and chose to do nothing or say anything about it because this was what the Obama regime wanted. This woman is a serial liar!

  • Landshark

    A vote for the she devil, Hillary Rotten Clinton, is a vote for war on Americans and Christians.

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