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Media Pixelates Face of Islamic State Jihadi Who Posted Selfie from NYC: “We are in your own Backyard”

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Published on: January 4, 2018

Why are the news organizations pixelating out this clown’s eyes?

Are they going to pixelate faces on wanted posters now?

Why are they protecting this guy?

He wants to commit mass murder in New York City.

Don’t they want this clown to be identified and caught?

Or would that be “Islamophobic”?

“NYPD investigating ‘ISIS selfies’ outside NYC museum: report,” by Lukas Mikelionis, Fox News, January 3, 2018 (thanks to Ken):

Authorities in New York are reportedly investigating photographs of a possible ISIS supporter taking selfies outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in view of One World Trade Center.

The chilling images, that began circulating on social media over the weekend, shows an individual posing while wearing an ISIS-branded scarf over his face.

The picture was captioned with “We are in your own Backyard,” according to The New York Daily News.

“The NYPD is aware of the photograph. As with all terror related threats, the NYPD is looking into the incident. At this time there are no credible threats related to New York City,” an NYPD spokesman told the newspaper on Tuesday.

Another photograph subject to the investigation is a snap of a person holding a phone with an ISIS flag in the shadows of the One World Trade Center building. The image was reportedly taken in a similar spot where, weeks later, the Manhattan truck attacker killed eight people.

Eric Feinberg, the co-founder of GIPEC, a cyber-intelligence company that tracks terrorism-related hashtags, told the Daily News that imagery like that are aimed at spreading fear and possibly inspiring so-called lone wolf attacks.

But he warned that it remains unclear whether the pictures are authentic, adding that they may have been doctored. “Maybe it’s Photoshopped, maybe it’s not. It should be taken seriously,” he said….

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4 Responses to Media Pixelates Face of Islamic State Jihadi Who Posted Selfie from NYC: “We are in your own Backyard”

  1. Mister Vice says:

    So you’re in our backyard? Guess what? That only means you’re treading ever so lightly on our turf and when we detect your smelly butt we’ll dish out some good ole fashioned America whup-ass! So you’d better stay low and well hidden, you coward, or you’ll get to meet your Maker sooner than you’d like. And guess what? There’ll be NO VIRGINS for you pinhead!

  2. GRAMPA says:

    thats quite ok. my gun is only accurate out to fifty yards anyway.

  3. GRAMPA says:

    thats virgin goats!

  4. scott says:

    there is nosuch thing as a lone wolf.funny how millions of lone wolfs commit terrorism in the name of islam.all muzscums are terrorists.that is their soul purpose and brought in by the kweer muzscum imposter by the millions to kill and destroy america.wake up.the demonrat party is responsible for every attack and death from these they brought in for votes.

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