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Muslim Army Chaplain Takes Command Of 14,000 Mostly Christian Soldiers

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Published on: March 1, 2017

Army Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz, a Muslim chaplain, has accepted the job of handling the spiritual affairs of 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers.

Shabazz recounted to McClatchy the offer he received to lead the 7th Infantry Division at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

“I’m on the phone saying, ‘Thank you, I appreciate it. I’ll serve honorably,’ and then I hang up the phone and I’m jumping all around like a little kid,” Shabazz said. “I was running around the office saying, al hamdulillah, al hamdulillah, praise be to God!”

Out of 1,400 chaplains in the Army, only five are Muslim. And across all the services, there are only ten Muslim chaplains total.

“When you get the call saying you have been bestowed a division, the news is kind of like, unearthly,” Shabazz added. “The list is so small and it’s such a tough cut.”

Shabazz, formerly known as Michael Barnes, was born Lutheran in Louisiana. He later joined the Army at 23 and was stationed in Germany, where he worked with a Muslim soldier. He says he quickly grew tired of the Muslim soldier bragging about Islam, so he challenged him to a public debate.

The ensuing debate while on base caused Shabazz to reevaluate his religion. He subsequently converted and changed his name, before encountering struggle after struggle in the Army and later joining on with the Chaplain Corps.

He’s now served as a chaplain for 18 years and has deployed to Iraq, Kosovo and Guantanamo Bay.

Shabazz said he is not interested in converting anyone to Islam, but some soldiers do end up converting.

“My job is not to convert anybody to Islam,” Shabazz said. “God guides people. My only goal is to have people leave my office stronger than when they came in.”

Most of the time, Shabazz spends his hours advocating for Islam, so as to prevent “anti-Muslim” incidents at bases.

Shabazz, himself black, has also advocated on behalf of the black community and for Black History Month. At Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Shabbaz discussed how important it is to boldly represent what you believe in, despite possible backlash.

Article reposted with permission from The Daily Caller

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  • iprazhm

    Wrap your mind around this. An islamist has been put in charge of the spiritual affairs of 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers… Let that sink in. Can you say PERSECUTION? Can you say BIBLE FORBIDDEN? Once you brain wash your entire military forces to believe that Christ was not King of Kings and Lord of Lords, not the one and ONLY GOD, but a charlatan, then you can one day order troops to subjugate, imprison and even kill Christians. THIS IS SHARIA LAW. AMERICA IS ABOUT TO BE NO MORE. We waited too long. Islamist have infiltrated the veins and now the arteries of our society, without hesitation and without roadblock. It’s only a matter of time if we don’t end this, and I mean END this, close all mosques/Islamic Centers, stop all Islamic entry into the U.S. Deport all Islamists currently here. Until or unless we do this, there is no stopping the inevitable. To be clear, an islamist is a muslim is an islamist. Impossible to separate the two. Let them ‘reformat’ their religion in their own countries. Let them ‘alter’ their verses of death and destruction in their own countries. We CANNOT allow them to kill us while they pretend to accomplish this!!!!
    Now, in this time, the only good muslim is an ex-muslim.

  • william barr

    if he tries to push islam on these guys he might not be in the army long. I know the Marines wouldn’t put up with it.

  • christophercilley

    What a sad day for our military!! Consider this… It is Illegal for an Islamist to even enter the United States of America according to the Public Law passed on 27 June, 1952, i.e. The Immigration and Nationality Act (read Page 168)!!! And now we have an Islamist (aka Muslim) to attend to the spiritual needs of our troops? Sort of like oil and water!
    “There is NO place for Islam and it’s followers in the Untied States of America!! The teachings and practices of Islam are in direct OPPOSITION to how and why or nation was created!! ” Christopher Cilley, Chair YCCoS. Pass it on!
    Someday those in charge will wake up and realize that Islam is to humanity as rabies is to dogs!

  • christophercilley

    Semper Fi!!

  • BraveNewWhirled

    This is not surprising at JBLM, in a state where the biggest city’s mayor is an open homosexual and an elected City Council member is a card-carrying member of the Socialist Party.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Don’t be so sure. Watch closely if you want to see some fascinating spiritual warfare.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    America is a Christian nation. Mayflower Compact, November 1620. Deal with it.

  • denis

    One of the prerequisites for the job is for this Muslim Imam to understand the needs and prayers of Christians. Perhaps this Muslim cleric should have to take a year in a christian seminary to study what Christianity is all about. Islam means SUBMISSION or to OBEY Islam teaches to HATE all kafirs (non believers in Allah, the god of Islam. I wonder how long it would take this Muslim cleric to learn the Christian belief that God gave us ten commandments to build our society around and the we have a golden rule on how to treat each other, and the basic belief of Christians is built around the word LOVE, Love fellow man Love god and we have free will.
    It also begs the question, “Who in the hell gave this Muslim this job?” Find out and kick that SOB out of the military. NOW

  • Ron Coon

    This is an insult not only to the Christians of the U.S. Army’s Enlisted and Warrant/Commissioned Officer Corps, but to the entire U.S. military. “Islam” does not mean worship or praise. What “Islam” means is “submit”. Remember, one of the basic tenets of islam is taqiyya, lying. Muslims are the masters of lying. You’re telling me that this imam is not going take advantage of an opportunity, should it present itself, to convert an atheist or a Christian/Jew to islam. Give me a break. A Christian certainly would. Only, the Christian Pastor is not gong to lie about his intent. You’re telling me that this imam is not going to slip some muslim theology and scripture into the mix when he’s talking to an already stressed Christian with the goal to make a muslim; and one that will not be able to kill an enemy that may be muslim? Yeah, right!

    Out of a possible 1400 Christian Pastors in the Army alone, the Acting Sec. of the Army, the Hon. Robert Speer, could not find even one Christian to service the spiritual needs of his Christian Masses? So, in the Secretaries infinite wisdom he beguiles his Christian soldiers with a muslim imam out of a totality of 5 muslim imams in the entire Army. How soon will our soldiers disobey their orders when they come in conflict with their new faith and their new brethren?

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