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New York City Defies ICE – Frees Illegal Alien With Pending Felony

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Published on: July 9, 2017

New York City’s left-leaning politicos freed an illegal alien with at least one pending felony charge, in complete defiance of President Donald Trump’s announced crackdown on sanctuary cities — in complete defiance of immigration authorities.

Majee Antonio Clarke from Jamaica came across U.S. borders in June 2010, on a B-2 visitor visa. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents say he was supposed to leave America six months later.

But December 2010 came and went, and Clarke was still on American soil.

Then — he was arrested and federal immigration authorities asked New York City officials to hold him, until they could take over the case.

But under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policies, local law enforcement disregarded the detainer and let him go.

From Breitbart:

[Clarke], the Jamaican national with pending felony charges, was arrested on June 16 by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) deportation officers.

In May of this year, the Metropolitan Transit Authority Police Department (MTAPD) arrested Clarke. At that time, ICE officials placed a detainer on the illegal alien, requesting that New York City officials hold Clarke until federal authorities could properly take over his case. Clarke was being held in Rikers Island at the time.

In accordance with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s sanctuary city policies, local law enforcement ignored ICE’s detainer on Clarke and he was let out in the public on bail, despite a felony charge against him.

“The city’s failure to honor detainers poses an increased risk to the officers and the community,” New York ICE Field Office Director Thomas Decker said in a statement. “ICE shares New York law enforcement’s ultimate objective to protect public safety and we welcome significant modifications to the current NYC policy, which is needlessly granting criminals the opportunity to reoffend against the city’s residents.”

After being free to roam in New York City for nearly a month, the illegal alien was arrested by ICE agents outside the Queens County courthouse. Clarke is currently in ICE custody where he is facing deportation.

Clarke is just one face of many.

In fiscal 2016, ICE arrested 65,000-plus illegals, most of whom were convicted criminals.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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  • Ed Jackson

    Citizens of NYC, de Blazio is your ENEMY, and should be voted out of office BEFORE he is indicted, prosecuted and imprisoned for his many crimes. Do your duty and stop his crime spree, or you could be the next victim of his depravity.

  • Niko

    How many times must I say ,take Diretardo/bastardo along with ,schumer,gillabrand and Cuomo ,also that muslime filth linda shitsour for good measure and hang all 5 of them at the crossroads of the world 42st and 7th ave.

  • Niko

    Ed ,I am a True American ,God Fearing , legally armed,extreme Right Wing Conservative ,4th generation in the multicultural (libretard social experiment) cesspool of NYC. 80 % of the people here are nothing more than brain dead, infantile, ignorant,arrogant ,droned,liberal, communist zombies!!!!!. People here do not care if they are victims, they are for the most part – SHEEPLE. They might cry foul for a minute bit ,but then it is back to their self absorbed liberal stupidity. There is no helping N.Y. or NYC. The morons here have written the last chapter of the book that would have marked NYC’s greatness and existence as a Shining Beacon. The light grows dimmer- EVERYDAY…

  • Mike Stone Sr

    Federal troops were used against American citizens in the 60s in order to install black kids in white schools, denying our Constitution and colluding with foreign powers in the form of supporting illegal aliens is treason ! Why should conservative sectors of our society conform or defer to any law if these marxists and muslims are allowed to ignore US Law !

  • Mike Stone Sr

    Such insanity is rampant ! Deport him to Africa !

  • Mike Stone Sr

    Federal troops and Constitutional Law should completely extinguish the “dim and dark light ” of marxism, not only in NYC , but in Commifornia too !

  • Ed Jackson

    Try to leave the Big Rotten Apple if you can. Good luck. We were last in NYC in 2003, after Manhattan was cleaned up, but there’s no way I’ll ever visit again. Too bad.

  • Niko

    I will be leaving after my next 2 surgeries are done under Compensation. That is why I am stuck here or I would have been gone 5 years ago. I was a NYC Union Sheet metal worker for 31 years minus the 5 years on Comp. from repetitive injuries. It will be a sad day when I go…

  • Niko

    Forget Federal Troops, it is up to the populace to strike back against all these filth. That day is coming soon Mike !!!!!.

  • Mike Stone Sr

    Yes, I was just pointing out the use of troops and the possibility of sectarian fighting in the 60s, and todays collusion with foreigners and disregard for all things American is much more dangerous to our Republic !

  • unbridled

    Yes, I believe they call them Wiggers. He is certainly one, for sure….

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