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Oregon: Muslim Teacher Arrested for Molesting Female Students

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Published on: December 24, 2017

Muhammad L. Hasan, 50, runs an organization called the American Islamic Center for the Holy Quran (AICQ).

Ostensibly, the organization offers private instruction on the Koran, but police believe that Hasan may have been using the work for something more nefarious.

From the AICQ website:

AICQ is a center of enlightenment focusing on teaching the recitation and memorization of the Holy Qur’an. AICQ programs and lessons are designed to build a Quranic generation that benefits the individuals and the society they live in through the Quranic teachings and ethics of our tolerant Islamic faith. …

The graduate receives certificates and licenses to teach the Holy Qur’an based on the chain of narration traced back to the Prophet peace be upon him. Also they can receive certificates in Tajweed rules based on the scholars who wrote the rules “May Allah accept their deeds.”
The board of AICQ consists of qualified individuals with more than thirty years of expertise in the Quranic teachings and have certificates in different ways of recitation and science of Tajweed rules linked to the Prophet peace be upon him with the shortest link “highest Isnad.”

However, Hasan was just arrested and charged with seven counts of sexual abuse. The abuse supposedly began in 2016; the victims claim that Hasan kissed them on the mouth on multiple occasions and he is also accused of touching one of the girl’s breasts.

Hasan’s indictment lists six counts of first-degree sex abuse and a single count of third-degree sex abuse. He’s accused of kissing one of the girls on multiple occasions and touching another’s breast or breasts, according to the document.

Police believe that there could be more victims out there and are asking the community to provide as much information as they can.

Anyone with information about possible abuse is asked to call 503-718-COPS (2677) or send an email to

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    Muhammad L. Hasan is just following the words from his filthy disgusting perverted Quran. Plus he is closely related to that Jew hating Linda Retard SarSOUR (who would totally stand behind -oops, I mean in front of this perverted molester) and would ‘blame the victim.’

  • Mike_Travis

    Now hold on. How can it be molestation when muslim men consider females to be inferior to men, that women are their property which muslim men can use whenever they feel the “need”?

    Isn’t islam wonderful and enlightened? Well, maybe it is if you are a muslim male but not so much if you are not. And then there is the pesky matter of the law which of course does not apply to muslims which is why they are so anxious to overthrow our Constitution to replace it with sharia. That way, anything they do can be justified under islam so they can never be punished, then the world will be at peace just like they teach.

    Yes, islam really is all about peace, at least if you are a muslim male, living under sharia where no other law exists. That is precisely why the perverse ideology of islam is an existential threat to western civilization and why it must be eradicated if our civilization is to survive. In this case, there is no middle ground, for either islam is eradicated or it will conquer us at which point we will either become slaves to it or we will be murdered. There are NO other options available to us.

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