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The Obama Administration Declares That Muslim Jihadists Can Join American Military Forces To Be Trained By US Soldiers

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Published on: June 16, 2015

The Obama administration has now given an invitation to jihadists to join military forces in the Middle East to be trained by US troops so that they can learn how to fight against Bashar al-Assad. Middle East analyst Robert Olson reports on the story:

Consequences of the U.S.-Gulf Cooperation Council summit at Camp David last month already seem to be falling into place, with significant geopolitical consequences regarding the civil wars in Syria and Iraq.

The first result seems to be that the Obama administration will offer no significant upgrade other than the 3,000 U.S. troops already in Iraq. The president announced last week that he would add a few hundred more military advisers, but Gulf Arabs will supply the fighting forces. In return, those countries will acquiesce to the U.S.-Iran nuclear agreement.

In addition, there are several hundred military personnel in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s Incirlik NATO airbase where coalition forces, largely American, are training a reported 1,500 vetted fighters from Syria.

But the vetting process is haphazard, and undoubtedly many fighters who previously fought with other jihadist groups have joined vetted fighters.

The administration’s assessment that the American people don’t care that much about the wars in Iraq and Syria is correct, in spite of hawkish members of Congress who trumpet the need for more “boots on the ground.” This situation could quickly change if a Republican were to be elected president.

At the summit, the Obama administration reportedly also accepted that jihadist forces, some affiliated with al-Qaida, could also join the battle against the al-Assad regime.

I would not doubt for a moment that these trained jihadists will use their American training against US citizens in America. No doubt these jihadists will kill Christians. Obama is helping create an army that will persecute and slaughter Christians.


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  • 19Robes50

    This Bastard in Chief is going to invite Muslim Jihadists to join our military!?!?!? Did we learn nothing from Fort Hood?

  • JerryDDay

    They are already doing it! Have been for awhile How about the Col or Major Nadal at Ft Hood Texas?

  • sinnersunited

    sad when all of congress is in on the fraud that is the obama reign of terror since he is not the constitutionally elected president

  • Michael

    This GODDAMND TRAITOR!!! He already has illegals and Muslim POS’S in our Military here in the USA, I can’t imagine how he has been allowed to go unchecked by our so called Congress! I guess MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS!! Our Congress is bought and payed for so I guess that is how our TRAITOR IN CHARGE gets away with all of his treasonable deals!!

  • Robert A Kaufman


  • Poppo

    Obama thinks that was a dispute over the quality of food in the cafeteria. Obviously too much black pepper.

  • redhorse1969

    treason impeach NOW!

  • Web Watchers

    IDIOCY! When in all of history would any nation or force share the training, skills, and secrets of their defensive and offensive forces??? Only by traitors!!!

  • KathiB.

    What a fabulous idea…..then we can arm them LEGALLY and they’ll kill us with the weapons WE PROVIDE.

    Barry….you need medication for that psychosis you’re sporting…….WHAT an IDIOT!!!!!

  • Poppo

    His namesake was Mohammad’s horse, Barak. Probably was the horse’s hindquarters that inspired the name.

  • Poppo

    What is really sad is they vote continually to extend his unconstitutional authority.

  • myfordtruck

    Not quit He,s going to train them over there so they will know how to kill more when they come over here Dumb baster

  • Jarhead

    Proof positive that the POS in the WH is back on CRACK!

  • Russell Sayce

    Didn’t you hear, the Fort Hood shooter has been asked to produce the new training manuals…

  • Alleged Comment

    Anyone DIRECTLY involved in this scheme is committing treason along with the illegal sodomite negro and should REFUSE to comply or face the same fate.

    Thy ought to know this is not only stupid, but illegal and a direct security RISK to this country. DO NOT COMPLY with the treasonous negro!

  • marlene

    Another deviant act by the traitor-in-chief; like he did by having American workers train foreigners, then lose their jobs to them.

  • Vunderkint

    I remind you he is only half Negro, I wouldn’t even give Obama half credit for that.

  • Judith Van Doren

    When is there going to be someone or a group of someones, put obama in jail to prevent him from selling out USA even more then he already has. TREASON TREASON TREASON.

  • joe1cr

    Time to impeach this traitorous Muslim Dictator for the crimes of treason.
    Treason is the crime of betraying the United States by an American citizen. The crime of treason is often described as giving “aid and comfort” to enemies either on U.S. or foreign soil, an act that is punishable by death.

  • winmatt53

    Make no mistake we are being set up right under all our noses he is so blatant and evil this is a #TERRORIST #WARCRIMINAL!!!!

  • Dick Ellis


  • ThrashMikki

    I say let them join…..there’s always the possibility that they may die in “training accidents”.

  • 19Robes50

    This cancer (Obama) in America must be excised! I am amazed that nobody saw him for the fraud he is in 2008. Like Hitler writing in “Mein Kamph”, Obama told us what he was going to do. “I will fundamentally change America!” How stupid can an electorate be?

  • aznative

    Americans are deemed racist if they are against Islam and Muslims a 1400 year cult started by a 54 year old pedophile that married a baby girl at 6 and brutally raped her at age 9. It is no religion. And it has no place in our country.

    Once a Muslim always a Muslim.

    Any american is a disgrace to this country for bowing to Islam. . By standing with them you condone that behavior.

    You are condoning:

    -rape of children
    -rape of women
    -burning alive
    -cutting off body parts
    -a barbaric tribe

    You can not be an American and support Islam and Muslims. It is an oxymoron.

    The whole world is on fire right now because of Muslims and their caliphate. This isn’t their first rodeo. Thomas Jefferson ran them off the first time.

    They are a cult of savages who have murdered millions and by our laws already had no right to be here.

    No Muslims did not build this country. They weren’t working in the fields in the 1920’s when my mom and her family worked the fields to survive.

    We were not taught about Muslims in our history books in the 1950’s, 1960’s or 1970’s. They never were a part of this nation ever.

    Any elected official that stands with Islam knowing their history is a traitor to this nation.

    They rape babies (boys and girls) (sick) and women and abuse them. By standing with them you condone that behavior. Their cult is based on pedophilia.

    They stone people to death. By standing with them you condone that behavior.

    They burn people alive who don’t agree with their way of life. They are barbarians. . By standing with them you condone that behavior.

    They cut off body parts. . By standing with them you condone that behavior.

    This is one of the most radical barbaric tribes on earth in history.
    By standing with them you condone that behavior.

    They did not build our nation. If they had we would look like the Middle East.

    Any leader who stands with them knowing their 1400 year history and knowing that they no have no regard for human life is no American.

    Our constitution does not belong to the whole world. No where does it say it protects foreign cults or foreign religions. No where.

    We the people own this nation not Washington DC.

    You are a traitor to this nation. I’m ashamed of you. You obviously think it is ok that Muslim men brutally rape women and children. You obviously haven’t been watching the caliphate taking place across the entire world by this tribe. You obviously don’t care about all the attacks on this once peaceful nation since Muslims starting coming here and there have been many since 1972.

    You can’t serve two masters. Islam is straight from hell. Our God is not the God of Islam. And he gave us this great nation for peace. There is no peace in Islam.

    Unacceptable. You cannot Americanize a tribe that has no intentions of assimilating to our way of life period.

    Muslims don’t assimilate they come to dominate and destroy.

    Learn their history because you are obviously clueless.

    They tried to put up a mosque at ground zero where they murdered thousands. To show dominance.

    I’m ashamed of you. You are no representative of this country.

    All Muslims follow the Koran. All Muslims follow the Koran.

    You should resign because you are giving over our nation to a tribe straight from hell.


  • Carl Holt

    This is without a doubt the dumbest SOB to ever live, I am not a part of the conspiracy movement but this makes you think they may be on to something. He is without a doubt doing everything he can to destroy this country.

  • Dennis Miller

    Let him. There will be a great increase of “death by friendly fire”.

  • Clardyman

    Understand we will train them, the United States do not need them in our Military or part of it! I do believe Mental Muslim Obama needs to be sent there until this Country gets straighten out & we can send all Muslims that he allowed to come to the United States, to watch his back! Does anyone think this Plan would work?

  • Clardyman

    Understood that the United States Military are to train them, we do not need them in or Part of our Military! I believe Mental Muslim Obama needs to be sent there until the Country gets straighten out & we could send all of the Muslims that he let come to the United States, to watch his back! Does anyone think this Plan would work for the best?

  • Clardyman

    Starting to get the feeling one can not post!

  • Clardyman

    Understood that the United States Military are to train them, we do not need them in our Military or part of it! I do believe that Mental Muslim Obama needs to be sent there until the Country gets straighten out & we could send all of the Muslims that he let come to the United States over to watch his back! Does anyone think this is a great Plan?

  • Clardyman

    US Military are to train them they don’t need in our Military or part of it! Mental Muslim Obama needs to be sent over until this Country does ok!

  • Jack Knight

    Not only training skills and secrets but also our weapons and technology

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