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Watch This Guy Completely Destroy The “Palestinian Myth”

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Published on: December 20, 2017

Bishop Aubrey Shines took to YouTube to dispel what he calls “The Palestinian Myth,” demonstrating that the Israelis are the rightful owners of the land of Israel, and that they have acquired it a great cost to themselves.

Giving up their land for promised peace is not a solution, as Bishop shines points out.

A two-state solution is not a solution either.

Shines asks, “You may be wondering where did this two-state solution idea originate from? And why hasn’t it been implemented?”

He then elaborates:

Briefly, in 1936 British leaders formed a commission that felt the best way to protect the Jews that were constantly being harassed by the Arab people, was to divide the land into two states, giving over 80% to the Arabs and the small 20% to the Jews. Jews accepted, the Arabs declined. In 1947 the U.N tried the same scenario, again, the Arab countries declined.

Arab nations began intensifying their efforts by attacking the small Israeli nation, but to no avail. In 1967 the leaders of the Arab nations met and unanimously decided they would never accept Israel under no condition other than their dead bodies rotting in the streets.

So, in 1967, the Jordanians (not the so-called Palestinians), along with its Arab neighbors, invaded Israel once again in the hopes that they would wipe out the remaining Jewish presence. Israel won that war and kicked out the Jordanians from the land they had illegally occupied almost two decades prior known as the West Bank.”

This land has nothing to do with a Palestinian people; it was illegally part of Jordan for 18 years. 80% of the so-called Palestinians are Jordanian Arabs. Hence, there already is a ‘Palestinian state’ it happens to be called Jordan. Even in the year 2000 current president of Mahood Abbas was offered an additional 10% of the land for peace, of course he declined.

In 2005 the Jewish people gave the Gaza area away hoping peace would result in the gesture, instead the land has been used to attack the Jews by sending thousands of rockets into the communities that are only a few miles away, can you imagine sending your kids to school in the mornings or kissing someone you love before he or she goes to the office only to hear air sirens blaring in the streets or your office where you’re working?

The fear that would grip your heart knowing you may never see your children or your love one’s ever again?

“Dividing your God-given land by appeasing those that hate you, as well as, that desire to totally annihilate you hasn’t been nor will ever be the best solution,” Shines concludes.  “Thank yo, President DJT for having the resiliency and tenacity to do what a dozen other presidents promised to do but lacked the courage to do.”

Indeed, I applaud President Trump’s move of the US embassy and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  It is their capital after all and on top of that, no matter what is done, Muslims are going to be upset about it.  So, you might as well do the right thing in the situation, and Trump has done just that.

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13 Responses to Watch This Guy Completely Destroy The “Palestinian Myth”

  1. murielmcgrann says:

    they are the orignal Liberals.. my way or take the highway…with added Arabic violence and death threats to the Jews……why??? Whenyou advocate hatred you reap its rewards……you reap what you sow so its your fault if you choose this road and expect accetance fom the Christian world…Trump is right

  2. Bob Hunt says:

    That’s my President hard at work!

  3. Alleged-Comment says:

    We all know the Palestinian thing is made up. Common sense and a little research. But the left does NOT do research.

    They only react on catchphrases and grow upon there. They are afraid of finding out the truth. What matters to them is how they FEEL!

    Only concerned with reaction and the BIG MOUTH! Hence, their Negro sodomite obama, as spokesman.

  4. CHARLES S says:

    Thank you Bishop Aubrey Shines for the history lesson.

  5. drbhelthi says:

    One world-renowned Rabbi acknowledges the terrorism conducted by David Ben-Gurion and army, 1947-1948. http //www washingtonsblog com/2014/08/prominent-jewish-leader-israel-intentionally-killed-civillians-1948-engaged-ethnic-cleansing-ever-since.html Judaism´s army drove 700,000 innocent victims from their homes, towns and territory, murdering many thousands.

    The territory that was stolen is the area that the U.N. bestowed as a land-grant to Ben-Gurion and terrorist leaders, in 1948. “Righterous Victims”, by Jewish historian Benny Morris, details the mass murders done by Ben-Gurion`s army and why 700,000 were driven from their homes, towns and property. All territory that has subsequently been added has been acquired by terrorism similar to that of 1947-1948.

    The stories about six million Jews gassed and cremated at Auschwitz have been thoroughly discredited by scientific investigators. The lies were designed to distract from the quasi-genocide being conducted by Ben-Gurion and terrorist army, 1947-1948. Researchers have verified that no gas chamber existed, and six million “Jews” were not in all NAZI, Slave-labor installations combined.

  6. Don Bolyard says:

    Prove it! I suppose those that were imprisoned in those camps just imagined it and all those camps and bodies discovered by allied armies were just a figment of their imagination.

  7. drbhelthi says:

    Your “suppose” is based on what you have been told and what you have read, not from the testimony of persons who were in the slave-labor camps. Persons who were alive when the allied forces freed them exemplified that they were neither gassed nor incinerated as per the propaganda stories.

    Your string-pullers have not proved their lies, which were uncovered by the discovery of the facts. The cover stories presented by the leadership of Judaism, repeated ten thousand times, remain lies or as some present it, “fairy tales”. Slave laborers who were not constituents of Judaism revealed the fairy tales of the alleged “Holocaust”, which has been termed “Holohoax” by scientific researchers.

    The bodies were corpses of persons who died of a variety of causes. The existence of multitudes of corpses demonstrated that the concept of “incineration” was a myth.

  8. Don Bolyard says:

    Oh yes, I have actually heard first person accounts from people that were in those camps.

  9. drbhelthi says:

    Lies are lies regardless of who repeats them. Of course, persons affiliated with a particular religion will repeat the tenets of the religion. Constituents of the religion of Judaism are pledged to repeat Judaism´s schism, in order to maintain its narcissistic self-worship.

  10. Mary Curry says:

    I have been to seminars at which Eva Moses Kor spoke. She and her twin sister Miriam were tortured as part of Joseph Mengele’s twin experiments. I have talked to people freed from these camps and those that freed them. Stacks of bones waiting to be thrown into mass graves, men and women, adults, that weighed less than a 12 year old child, women holding their children in their arms who were already dead from starvation. My uncle was in the trucks that knocked down the fence to get access to the furnaces.

    So go ahead and live with your delusions. I will live with the truth. How you can called yourself a man and live with your denial.

  11. drbhelthi says:

    Your beliefs are based on distortions and lies, not facts.
    I visited Dachau in 1956 and lived in Germany for 33 years. I have talked with many Germans who detested Hitler and some whose family members were high level NAZI.
    My doctoral dissertation was based on research works by “Jewish” researchers.
    And you are presumptuous enough to attempt to lecture me?
    Your self-concept and trust in your opinion vastly exceeds reality.

  12. Mary Curry says:

    You are simply an anti-Semite whose mind is closed to the realities of true horror. You are so convinced in the wonderfulness of the Nazi doctrine that the truth becomes the lie. My son and his family have visited several camp sites. I can remember the times my uncle told us about those camps, with tears running down his cheeks. So as I said before, you live with your denial and lies and I will live in the real world. I feel sorry for you.

  13. drbhelthi says:

    Your repetition of the fairy-tales of Judaism reflects long-term brain-washing.
    Certainly, the slave-labor installations of the NAZI were a horror. The NAZI were and continue to be a horror, as their organization continues to exist. Additionally, the lies of the 6 million gassed at Auschwitz is a horror. Your repetition of the lies of the Holohoax also constitute a horror.

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