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10-Year-Old Saves Sister from Abduction by Sex Offender

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Published on: March 9, 2015

A convicted sex offender pulled a 12-year-old girl into his SUV and tried to drive away. However her little brother was having none of it and demonstrated incredible bravery as he fought to rescue his older sister.

The Independent reports:

The criminal, who was on bail for robbery, attempted to abduct the girl (12) on the side of a country road near the village of Cullahill in Laois.

She was playing with her two brothers near their home when the man stopped and asked for directions to the local priest’s house.

He then jumped from the stolen vehicle and grabbed the girl.

But her younger brother lunged through the driver’s window at the would-be kidnapper punching him as the jeep began to drive away.

The brave boy distracted the driver long enough so that his sister could jump from the moving vehicle.

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The criminal in question stole a 2004 Nissan 4×4 jeep in Kilkenny on Tuesday. He later begged for cash from a priest and then came upon two brothers and their sister.

Once he had grabbed the 12-year-old, the brother jumped up agains the window of the driver’s side and started to hit and scream at him.

One witness said, “He was roaring and punching and making as much noise as possible.”

The 34-year-old culprit had also stolen money from a collection box at Culahill church, according to, which also reported:

Alerts as to what had just happened were sent via social media and on a community text system amid fears that the culprit may make a second attempt to abduct children.

Anne-Marie Bowe, principal of the local Cullahill National School, said the school texted all parents asking them to pick their children up promptly when school finished.

All available resources from the Laois/Offaly garda division were put into tracing the culprit and officers received several sightings of the criminal and information regarding his movements from the public.

Gardai (police) traced the culprit to the Castlecomer area of Kilkenny where they swooped and arrested him. The stolen Nissan was also recovered.

He was brought back to Portaloise Garda Station for questioning. The criminal is on bail for a robbery and is wanted for questioning by gardai for several other robberies.

He is known for robbing from priests in the south-east of the country.

He has lived across Waterford, Wicklow, Carlow and Kilkenny and is considered highly dangerous.

All three siblings involved were able to escape to their father for safety.

Jesus warned against such men that it would be better for a millstone to be hung around their necks and they be dropped into the sea than to offend one of His little ones. The fact that this man was out and about indicates that the government of the society does not adhere to the Word of God.

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