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26 Videos During The CONvid Shot Era Showing People Collapsing On Live Television Or On Stage (2021-2023)

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Published on: March 28, 2023

Over the past couple of years since the release of the Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca bioweapon, fraudulently referred to as a COVID vaccine, countless people have died after taking the shots and millions have been injured.  Sadly, many people either did not hear the warnings about the experimental shot or they refused to believe the dangers the shots presented.  Nevertheless, many people were captured on live television or on stage suffering collapses, heart attacks and strokes, and most of us immediately ask the question:  Did they take the shot.

While I will not claim they all did, I suspect that most did and simply asking that question should be a part of real journalism considering all the facts of how the shot was rolled out, its known side effects and the fact that we warned about this for more than two years now because we knew the side effects.

Here’s a small sample of many who collapsed on live television or on stage from 2021 through the present.  Share it with others and warn them of the dangers if they are considering their first shot or if they are still considering additional shots.  It just may save their life.

Denmark government official Tanja Erichsen collapsed during COVID conference April 2021

Austrian MP Eva-Maria Holzleitner collapsed in Parliament Oct.2021

Brazilian TV presenter Rafael Silva collapsed after COVID-19 booster shot in early Jan.2022

Argentine TV reporter Carlos Ferrara collapsed live on air Jan.2022

Comedian Heather McDonald Reaps What She Sowed – Faints On Stage Mocking COVID Shot Feb 2022

Barcelona Spain TV reporter Cristina Sanchis collapsed live on air on Jun.30, 2022

German TV reporter Clara Pfeffer collapsed live on air Feb.2022

UK Debate TalkTV presenter collapsed live on air July 2022

Carlos Santana collapsed on stage due to ‘heat exhaustion’ – Or Was It The Shot? July 2022

Iraqi TV reporter Rinas Ali collapsed Aug.2022

Tulsa news anchor Julie Chin had a stroke live on air Sep.5, 2022

MBC News Anchor (Mauritius) Yatchna Mishra collapsed live on air Sep.2022

Brazilian debate host Anne Barretto collapsed live on TV Sep.2022

Finnish Head of Interior Ministry Krista Mikkonen collapsed during press conference Sep.28, 2022

CNA Reporter Julie Yoo collapsed live at UN Climate Change Conference Nov.9, 2022

Brazilian reporter Vanessa Medeiros collapses while reporting live on TV November 2022

Argentinian health expert Teresa Coccaro collapsed on live TV during a morning show Nov.2022


CTV Edmonton reporter Jessica Robb had stroke-like symptoms live on air Jan.2023

Colombia (Lo Se Todo) reporter Elianis Garrido collapsed backstage, March 2023

Greek South African rapper Costa Titch, age 27, collapsed & died – March 11, 2023

CBS LA weather lady Alissa Carlson collapses live on TV March 2023

And here are a few more that I’ve collected over the past couple of years during the CONvid-1984.

Another TV presenter collapses in front of the cameras…

Convid vaccine advocate Rafael Nadal collapses at press conference

Lawyer collapses while questioning witness at latest Public Order Emergency Act Commission

17-Year-Old Spanish Motorcycle Racer Collapses During Press Conference

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