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2nd Such Incident This Month! Veteran British Airways Pilot Dies Of Heart Attack Just Before He Was To Fly Packed Airbus A321 From Cairo To London

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Published on: March 12, 2023

Earlier this week, I reported on several pilots and flight attendants, who presumably took the experimental COVID shots, who died suddenly.  I followed it up by discussing it on The Sons of Liberty Radio.  now, a veteran British Airways pilot collapsed and died just shortly before flying a packed Airbus A321 from Cairo to London.

The Sun has the story.

A BRITISH Airways pilot collapsed and died shortly before he was due to captain a packed jet.

He had been preparing to fly from Cairo in Egypt to Heathrow Airport, but had a heart attack in the crew’s hotel.

The pilot managed to get from his room to the foyer, where colleagues performed CPR on him.

A source told The Sun: “It has rocked BA. It doesn’t bear imagining if he had suffered a heart attack at 30,000ft.”

Airline bosses delayed the scheduled flight the captain was set to fly back to Heathrow airport last week.

Passengers were oblivious to the reason behind their wait.

The body of the pilot, who had suffered from ill health in recent months, was brought back to the UK in a Boeing 787.

The wide-body Dreamliner was flown to Egypt especially for the grim task because there was no room for the coffin in the hold of the Airbus A321 jet he had been scheduled to fly.

BA bosses had the task of informing the veteran pilot’s family of his sudden death.

BA said: “Our thoughts are with our colleagues’ friends and family at this very sad time.”

The Mirror adds:

Fellow BA flight crew gave first aid to the man in the foyer of their hotel in Cairo after he had a heart attack in his room. They performed CPR but could not save his life.

Airline bosses had the task of informing the veteran pilot’s family of his sudden death. He is believed to have suffered ill health in recent months.

A wide-body Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane was reportedly flown to Egypt to transport the pilot back to the UK because the Airbus A321 jet used for the flight did not have room in the hold for a coffin.

And no one asks, did he take the shot?  This is so obvious that it isn’t even funny.  He was already having health issues, and my guess is that they were a result of the shot as well.

Keep in mind that in June 2021, British Airways confirmed that 4 of their pilots who took the shots had died.  We followed up on that with nurse and nutritionist Kate Shemirani on The Sons of Liberty Radio.

Dr. William Makis, who has been closely following the deaths of his colleagues in Canada after taking the experimental shots, pointed out that this is the second such incident that has been known this month.

“One can imagine what might have happened if the British Airways pilot had the heart attack during his flight from Egypt to London,” he wrote.  “How many close calls is it going to take for the elephant in the room (pilots suffering COVID-19 vaccine cardiac injuries) to finally be addressed?”

“I fear a major airline crash is now only a matter of time,” Dr. Makis concluded.

The second such incident he is referring to we mentioned in our report earlier this week concerning a Virgin Australia First Officer.

PYOK reported:

A Virgin Australia flight from Adelaide to Perth was forced to make an emergency landing after the First Officer was taken ill just 30 minutes after departure.

The incident occurred on 3rd March and resulted in the Airbus A320 being forced to return to Adelaide, where emergency responders were waiting to transport the sick pilot to the hospital.

Very few details about the incident have so far been made public by Australia’s aviation accident investigation bureau, but the airline has denied an initial account reported by the AVHerald that the First Officer became incapacitated after suffering a heart attack.

The First Officer was taken to the hospital for observation but was later reported to be okay. A spokesperson for the airline said passengers were accommodated on the next available flights.

This is not normal, but we did warn about it.  Now, the reality is here and it’s only going to get a lot worse.


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