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3 Items Pseudo-Constitutionalists Are Working From Within Against Constitutionalists

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Published on: January 4, 2020

Wake up America!  We are now reaching a time where the rubber meets the road;  where outcomes will be determined by courage or cowardice.  Mt. Hamner has rumbled to the point of eruption.  Check your defensiveness and prepare for the rant.  It’s coming.

As many know, I describe American citizens as two types of people – constitutionalists or anti-constitutionalists.  But, the definitions I use have not been clearly defined.  So, for me, anti-constitutionalists are people who do not support the Constitution for the united States of America;  who oppose limited government;  twist the original meaning of its tenets to support tyrannical, oligarchical rule;  and, support the use of government force to eradicate God-given individual unalienable rights.  Constitutionalists are people who support the Constitution for the united States of America;  support limited government;  retain the original meaning of its tenets to support freedom, liberty, and oppose tyrannical, oligarchical rule;  and, oppose the use of government force against the people for government/corporate gain while preserving God-given individual unalienable rights.  Many Constitutionalists also adhere to the Bible and maintain it is the foundation upon which this republic was built, following God’s law first and foremost;  then, following the Constitution.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Well, it isn’t and here’s why.

Within the individuals identifying as constitutionalists, there is a subgroup who are “pseudo-constitutionalists”.  A pseudo-constitutionalist is an individual who supports only some of the Constitution, picking and choosing what is liked while discarding the rest;  supports the expansion of government for certain programs considered “moral” that society should provide;  supports God-given individual unalienable rights unless those rights interfere with a “moral compass” they define for society;  retains the “left/right, Republican/Democrat, progressive/conservative” mindset;  and, attempts to operate without a Biblical base of God’s Word.  Many may disagree with this.  However, look at many radio talk show hosts claiming to be “conservative” or “constitutional who still support some form of government “intervention” outside of the Constitution or activities/programs not authorized by the Constitution for government to administer.

And, look at the numerous church denominations who have discarded the Word of God when it comes to the council God, God’s laws, and the individuals who are considered “leaders” in the church.  These groups have succumbed to the government swill for government favor when it comes to tax exemption.  Church leaders are misleading their congregation and marching them toward the slaughter.  Not all churches and church leaders are abandoning the Word of God, God’s laws, and Jesus Christ as the fulfiller of the law.  But, many certainly are and their congregations have fallen back into submission to keep down upheaval in the church.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the pseudo-constitutionalists are the controlled opposition.  The reason they flourish inside the constitutionalist group is because they appear on the outset to be constitutional.  Some inside this sub-group know the Constitution and use it effectively to convince others to support what is usually unconstitutional;  but, some do not know the Word of God or God, making them as dangerous as anti-constitutionalists.  Others do not know the Constitution well making them easily led by those that do to support what is unconstitutional and not Biblical despite knowing the Word of God.  They work from within to steer others to accept what should not be acceptable for the sake of “unity” and keeping down adversarial conflict, attempting to feed the crocodile in hopes of being eaten last.  The truth is the crocodile is going to eat you, whether first or last.  If you don’t want to be eaten, subdue the crocodile.

Here’s a few issues where pseudo-constitutionalists are working from within against constitutionalists.

Gun Control

Pseudo-constitutionalists support some type of “gun control”.  These individuals subscribe to a “common sense” form of gun control, like background checks, which only applies to law-abiding citizens.  A good example of this type is the National Rifle Association, which has supported some form of restrictions upon firearms that have empowered government to move closer to tyrannical objectives regarding gun ownership.

This group of individuals is willing to compromise on “Red Flag” laws where due process is denied individuals in order to have an illusion of safety.  Despite the fact that law-abiding citizens are being denied their God-given individual unalienable rights on the accusation of another – accusation, not evidence or proof, pseudo-constitutionalists will support these measures as “common sense” because dangerous individuals should be prevented from having access to firearms.  They will also support bans on firearm accessories, such as bump stocks, buying into the falsehoods spread by the media, government, anti-gun groups and anti-constitutionalists, regardless of statistics debunking the narrative.

Everyone can agree that dangerous individuals should not have firearms.  However, one cannot arbitrarily deny an individual their God-given unalienable individual rights based upon the fears or opinion of others.

This “two steps back” approach has now emboldened anti-constitutionalists to go full-blown Nazi where some retail corporations are working hand in hand with the government to limit firearm sales.  And, now, in Virginia, anti-constitutionalists that are dominant in the State government are working on a gun confiscation plan.  State legislators have even indicated in an almost threat the mobilization of the Virginia National Guard to engage in gun confiscation since citizens have mobilized to declare 91% of counties, municipalities, and areas as Second Amendment sanctuaries.  In the meantime, the United Nations is now advertising for English speaking “Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration” officers for New York City, which is classified as a “hardship ‘H’ duty station and family duty station”.  Notice the dates of December 26, 2019 to February 8, 2020 as the open employment dates for the career positions.

So, who is NOT coming for firearms in the united States?  True constitutionalists and those who follow Jesus Christ and know the Word of God are ready to support the right to keep and bear arms to defend against tyrannical government and engage in personal safety.

Murder of the unborn, infanticide, and government authorized euthanasia

Anti-constitutionalists are all in on murder, regardless of age.  Constitutionalists oppose murder, regardless of age.  Pseudo-constitutionalists compromise on murder of the unborn by supporting “ultrasound bills” and “Heartbeat bills”, meaning some form of murder of the unborn is supported.  Life begins at conception and these bills only preserve life after heartbeat detection or ultrasound results.  Pseudo-constitutionalists compromise in order to keep down the conflict, sometimes taking the attitude that “murder of the unborn will not be reversed so let it go”.  Because the murder of the unborn has been “let go”, several States are moving toward late-term pregnancy murder, active birth murder, and infanticide.

But, even pseudo-constitutionalists will draw the line at infanticide, late-term pregnancy murder, and active birth murder.  However, because of the willingness of this sub-group to compromise on early pregnancy murder of the unborn, the anti-constitutionalists push harder to gain more compromise among this group thereby making constitutionalists appear to be hypocrites.  But, what everyone seems to forget is the murder of the baby is not done by the mother;  it is done through a murder for hire scenario involving unethical physicians and nurses.

With unethical physicians and nurses engaging in the murder of the unborn and in some cases, infanticide, the next step, which is being practiced in some States and Canada, is the euthanasia of individuals.  Of course, those who support such barbarity will claim it is “regulated by government”, trying to convince themselves it is so much better than the doctors and nurses who murdered patients in Nazi Germany before the SS came to the hospital and shot the helpless.  The more common term one hears is “medical assisted suicide”.  The terminology doesn’t change the fact it is murder since this “euthanasia” requires physician/nurse participation.  Suicide is an individual killing him/herself.  Involving another individual to “help” changes the action from suicide to murder.

Government determined it was acceptable to murder babies in the womb and now infants being born and born infants.  It is only the next logical step to help individuals who want to terminate their life because of illness/disease by providing a means for physicians to engage in murder of this group without penalty.  It is unethical and against God’s law.  Using fancy legal-ese to provide impunity for someone murdering another under defined circumstances does not change the act to one that is acceptable.  And, don’t even come back with “Well, Suzanne, you have never had to deal with someone who wants to determine their death instead of waiting for it to run its course”;  because, I have.  God declares, “Thou shalt not commit murder”.  There are no conditions applied to His commandment.  While it is difficult to watch a loved one suffer through an illness/disease that is terminal, there are other ways to assist your loved one instead of committing murder.

Remember, when government can take control of anything, including whether one deserves to live or not, it becomes a slippery slope because government can expand that criteria;  government never rolls back its power.  It always expands its power.


Firearms have been covered under gun control, which includes everything from banning certain firearms and accessories to preventing individuals from ownership of firearms through Red Flag laws and outright gun confiscation.  Now, the topic goes to banning of certain substances by government because of the actions of a few.  The prominent ones are sugary sodas and vaping liquids.

Remember when Mayor Michael Bloomberg wanted to limit access to sugary soda in the city of New York through health regulations that would affect restaurants, movie theaters, delis, sports stadiums, etc.?  Fortunately, it was blocked by the New York Supreme Court and the block upheld upon appeal, despite support of Bloomberg’s successor, Bill De Blasio.  All of this was in an effort to “combat” health issues resulting from increased caloric intake.  In other words, government wanted to determine what you could consume and how much.  The unconstitutional move infringed upon an individual’s “right to choose” protected, guaranteed and enshrined in the Ninth Amendment.

Now the federal government is moving to ban certain e-cigarette and/or vaping liquids because underage individuals engaged in usage of THC vapes laced with toxic Vitamin E, which these teens obtained through the black market, resulting in a few thousand developing a lung disease that has resulted in 55 deaths across 27 States.  This is all to “save the children”.  Anti-constitutionalists support this whole-heartedly – just like gun control/confiscation, despite championing the murder of babies in the womb, babies being born, and infanticide.  Some pseudo-constitutionalists support this as well, just as the group supports some type of murder of babies in the womb and government surveillance in order to produce an illusion of safety.

The federal government is not authorized to “ban” anything.  Even if one stretches the commerce clause, it doesn’t stretch enough to justify banning any item.  Once the government can determine what can and cannot be marketed to the public, it can take away anything and everything under some auspice of providing safety and protection.  It can then turn around and “force” individuals to purchase “approved” items under threat of penalty or force.

Anyone who supports the federal government banning anything cannot be called a constitutionalist.

Let’s put it this way.  If safety is the main concern among anti-constitutionalists and pseudo-constitutionalists, why are not things more dangerous than e-cigarette and vaping liquids being targeted?  Here’s a list of a few things for you – cigarettes, cigars, alcohol (that was tried and failed), smart meters, 5G technology, GMO products, glyphosate, vaccines and cars.  Cigarettes, cigars, alcohol and cars contribute to more deaths than vaping products.  Glyphosate, smart meters, 5G technology, GMO products and vaccines cause more harm than vaping products.  Yet, all of these are off limits despite their danger.

It demonstrates that none of this is about safety – children or adults.  It’s about control and satisfying big corporations like the Tobacco industry and Big Pharma.  The government will operate outside its constitutional authority to protect big campaign donors.  No citizen of this republic should support any type of ban whatsoever.  If one does, you are not a constitutionalist.

Citizens have to let go of the “left/right”, “Democrat/Republican”, “progressive/conservative” paradigm and move toward constitutional or anti-constitutional stance, holding God and His Word first.  We are in control of what happens in the united States;  but, we need to recognize when being led astray by those who supposedly espouse constitutional views, but don’t.  Compromise needs to stop.  Continuing to step back emboldens those who intend to eradicate the Constitution and replace it with something else.  Citizens need to learn the Constitution and return to God’s Word and Laws.  And, we need to rid ourselves of fear and stand against tyranny and despotism, whether promulgated by government or anti-constitutionalists.

Remember Revelations 21: 8, which says, “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death”.

And, Deutoronomy 31:6, which states, “Be strong and courageous.  Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you.  He will not leave you or forsake you”.

As John Adams declared, “The Constitution was made for a moral and religious people;  it is wholly inadequate for any other”.

As stated at the beginning, the future of the united States will be determined by courage or cowardice.  It is better to be courageous, relying upon the Lord and move to return to limited government as authorized in the Constitution and freedom and liberty, than it is to be cowardly, allowing tyrants, despots, and anti-constitutionalists to destroy the founders’ legacy and enslave others through force then suffer the fate of murderers indicated in Revelation.

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