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300,000 Christians Gather Together To Combat The Antichrist Attack Against Christianity

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Published on: June 22, 2015

300,000 Christians gathered together in Rome’s San Giovanni Square to combat the antichrist attack against Christianity throughout the West. They rallied against the evil homosexual agenda and the demonic system of abortion. A video was taken of the reality:


According to one report on the rally:

Up to 300,000 people reportedly gathered in Rome’s San Giovanni Square to protest against the teaching of gender theories in school and to support the “traditional’ family” on Saturday. Protesters held banners and placards reading “United to defend marriage, family and kids” and “No to gender theories. Let’s protect man to wife marriage.” The protest comes as the Italian senate is debating on a civil union bill, likely to be decided on in the coming weeks. According to a recent poll published in the Italian daily La Stampa, 51 percent of Italians support gay marriage.

Here are some photos from the rally:





One of the protesters, 41-year old doctor Giuseppe Ripa, said:

In my children’s schools, they are talking about families made up of two fathers or two mothers, without asking parents’ permission… It’s dangerous and wrong.

Piero Uroda, a 78-year-old pharmacist, said that it was “not honest to say these things to the very young, it’s not like they are students who can debate these ideas. I don’t want gay marriage or gay adoption, the natural family is like ours.”

Massimo Gandolfini, spokesman for the “Defend our children!” committee said:

We are asking for families based on marriage be respected, and stressing the central role parents play. We forcefully reject the attempt to sneak into the curriculum projects which aim to destroy children’s sexual identities.

Matteo Salvini, a conservative politician in Italy and the head of ‘Italy’s UKIP’ Northern League party, sent a Facebook “hug for all the mummies and daddies protesting peacefully in Rome to defend their children’s future.”

You can never get rid of Christianity, nor the roots of Christian tradition that so keep together civilization. No matter how much the wicked governments succeed in establishing evil and diabolical laws, no matter how much the wicked think they are winning, there will always be Christians to be here to tell let them know that they will never extinguish the fire of Christianity. In the words of St. John of Damascus, “God is a fire consuming all evil.” (Orthodox Faith, 1.9, trans. Chase, Jr.) And so we, being images of God, must be lights that shine forth and dispel the darkness into pieces.


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