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34-Year-Old Female Tycoon Who Rubbed Shoulders With Hillary Clinton Allegedly “Jumps” To Her Death With Baby In Arms

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Published on: May 17, 2021

How I missed this story, I haven’t a clue, but it does happen that no one person can take in all the information there is.  Earlier this year, a female tycoon who rubbed shoulders with Hillary Clinton (never a good thing to do), allegedly leaped to her death with her baby daughter in her arms, allegedly from “post-natal depression.”

The Sun reported:

Officials in Hong Kong reportedly believe Luo Lili – who rubbed shoulders with the likes of Hillary Clinton and Rita Ora – may have taken her own life while suffering from post-natal depression.

The successful businesswoman rubbed shoulders with Hillary Clinton

The successful businesswoman rubbed shoulders with Hillary ClintonCredit: instagram

Luo Lili shared this picture with Rita Ora on social media

Luo Lili shared this picture with Rita Ora on social mediaCredit: instagram

Luo Lili with her baby daughter

Luo Lili with her baby daughterCredit: Instagram

The wealthy socialite was found with her five-month-old daughter at the bottom a block of apartments, it has been reported in local media.

It is not known who the father of her child was, although Luo appeared to confirm she was a single mum on social media shortly before her death.

News that such a wealthy and successful women could have taken her own life has shocked people in Hong Kong.

The 34-year-old had appeared happy on social media in the days leading up to her death.

She recently shared pictures on Instagram with her baby daughter, describing her as a “gift from God”.

On the surface, her life appeared to be perfect.

She was the only daughter of Luo Lin, the chairman of the Chengdu real estate company Jinlin Real Estate, whose family that had been involved in Chinese medicine for six generations.

The Daily Mail reported:

Ms Luo, a single mother, was believed to have taken her life after suffering post-natal depression, reported Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao.

She was said to have jumped to her death without wearing clothing from her 5,000-square-foot penthouse while carrying her baby in her arms.

Ms Luo appeared to have enjoyed an extravagant life as a socialite as she was frequently pictured with influential figures around the world including former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and English pop superstar Rita Ora.

In a recent Instagram post, Ms Luo shared a photo with her daughter, Aier, while celebrating her baby girl’s 100-day birthday.

The mother wrote: ‘She is God’s way to give me perspective on life. Thank you for showing up in my life my beloved daughter.’

“The woman and the baby girl were certified dead at scene. Initial investigation revealed that they fell from a unit,” police said in a statement, according to the Daily Mail, which reported that the woman was found naked after plunging from her penthouse, citing other reports.

I don’t know why but considering her family had been involved in Chinese medicine for some time and that China has been at the forefront of the COVID narrative, and that she had been acquainted with Clinton, who has a massive wake of dead bodies of people she has known, done business with, or were friends is a bit suspicious.

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