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After 5 Years, Conservative Reforms Have Saved Wisconsin $5 Billion!

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Published on: March 3, 2016

Five years ago liberals in Madison, Wisconsin threw a massive temper tantrum as they railed against Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) and the people of Wisconsin for daring to attempt to solve Wisconsin’s financial problems. The state’s Democrat lawmakers tried to run away from their responsibilities (literally), while the state’s liberal agitators skipped out on work,stormed the state capital and acted like thugs and hooligans in an attempt to intimidate conservative lawmakers. Democrat leaders gnashed their teeth and cried foul about the reforms being pushed by Scott Walker led conservatives. Liberals argued that the reforms would cripple the state, wreak havoc upon their education system, and send Wisconsin hurtling into the past.

Five years later, what’s been happening in Wisconsin?

Nothing but good things, folks.

According to a recent report unveiled by the Madison, Wisconsin based think tank the MacIver Institute the reforms have saved the state of Wisconsin more than $5 BILLION!

“$5.24 billion in savings works out to $910 in savings for every man, woman and child in Wisconsin, or $2,291 for every household in Wisconsin. The DOT could build 2,912 more roundabouts. The savings could fund over 68,000 four-year degrees at UW-Madison, or install 42 separate Milwaukee-style streetcar systems throughout the entire state. Thankfully, however, Walker and the legislature have used the Act 10 savings to provide more than $2 billion in direct tax relief for Wisconsinites.”

Act 10 Savings Breakdown

The MacIver Institute points out that what may be even more surprising is that almost 500 different units of government in Wisconsin have saved over $1 Million since the passage of the Act 10 reforms. The state, cities, towns and villages of Wisconsin are saving money hand over fist! While 500 different government entities have saved at least $1 million, more than 100 have saved at least $6 million and 20 different “units” have saved at least $20 Million!
The point? Wisconsin’s conservative reforms have worked fantastically, and the people of Wisconsin are seeing the benefits at every level of government. This is proof positive that conservative reforms work, and these reforms are the best way forward for our nation.
Imagine how quickly we could fix our national problems if the government in D.C. would embrace the no-nonsense, intelligent reforms that Governor Walker passed in Wisconsin? This is why it is so important that we nominate then elect a true, conservative leader in 2016. Conservative ideas work – America has proven it time and again.


Article reposted with permission from Eagle Rising

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