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8 Things In Addition To A Wall That Would Help Prevent Illegal Immigration

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Published on: June 21, 2019

While a wall is necessary, there are several other means to stop illegal immigration by eliminating the incentive to be here.

1. E-Verify must be passed that helps prevent illegals from getting jobs by checking names that don’t match social security numbers and green cards and worker permits that are overextended.  Result = no jobs!

2. No drivers licenses for illegals. Result = no mobility nor ability to get on airplanes nor in federal buildings.

3. Deny all cities or states that are sanctuary enclaves federal funding. Result = no safe haven and stops the insanity of liberal city and state politicians from encouraging illegal invasion.

4. No education or grants for illegals. Result = huge savings.

5. No welfare for illegals. Result = huge savings and more for US citizens.

6. No healthcare for illegals. Result = elimination of anchor babies and costs to US taxpayers.

7. Declare anchor babies illegals. Thousands have come to gain legal status using this as an excuse. Our forefathers never envisioned as a means of citizenship.

8. Give the military and border agents the authorization to use force to stop it at the border. Result = it stops in a week! Nations will complain, but our nation is safer, less fiscally drained and will have eliminated numerous diseases brought to us by illegal immigration.

The end result of these eight, plus the wall eliminates the incentive for illegals to come and stay in this country, something our politicians have allowed to happen for years.

They have not abided by their oath of office to defend this country against all enemies foreign or domestic.

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