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9-Year-Old Boy Knocked To The Ground, Handcuffed By Cops For Leaning On A Car

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Published on: April 28, 2019

Washington, DC — Anyone who’s taken a scroll through our archives here at TFTP knows that children and the police state do not mix. We’ve reported on everything from babies being disfigured by police grenades to the murder of little boys by those sworn to protect. To the apologist, this is merely collateral damage. But to the families affected by this violence, it is a very real problem. One recent case out of Washington D.C. has a mother crying foul after her son was mistreated by police — and she works in law enforcement.

Last week, a nine-year-old boy was harming no one when a Washington Metropolitan police officer drove by in his cruiser. Police claim the boy was leaning against a car which prompted them to stop.

When police told the boy to get off the car — which they had no idea who it belonged to — the boy “talked back to the officer.” Apparently talking back to the officer was enough for the cop to go after the boy, who then gave chase.

The nine-year-old did not run away, but merely ran in circles like any child would do not wanting an adult to grab them. The playful nature of the child running can be observed on the video by the laughs of witnesses as the boy runs in circles.

However, once the cop grabbed hold of the small boy, there was no more light-hearted chase to be had, only abuse.

As the video shows, the officer is manhandling the boy, tossing him in different directions and eventually knocking him to the ground. This abuse prompts the bystanders to react and demand that the officer stop the onslaught. But he did not.

As the cop continues to manhandle the terrified child, he eventually places him in handcuffs, but not before the child has become so scared that he soiled his pants.

“I was devastated. I was devastated. I was traumatized for my son having to go through that,” the boy’s mother, Autumn Drayton, who reportedly works in law enforcement told FOX5. “His use of force was unnecessary. My son was not a threat. He was not committing a crime. He was not harming anyone. It should have never been to that.”

When asked if they agree with the level of force applied to a tiny child whose only “crime” had been leaning on a car, the MPD gave the standard canned response. The department noted that if the tiny boy was a “threat” to the officer, then that officer could’ve done whatever he wanted.

“It just depends on whether the officer feels that there is a threat or what situation led up to. We have juveniles that are involved in all sorts of different activities within the city. Certainly, we will get to the bottom of this,” said MPD Patrol Chief Lamar Greene.

FOX 5 reported that they also asked Mayor Bowser for a reaction to the incident and other incidents in general. She was hesitant to give a definitive answer.

Bowser responded by implying that no one should have been recording the police interaction as it involved a juvenile.

“Every case is different,” said Bowser. “I would also suggest you not promote pictures of juveniles in this situation.”

Is Bowser attempting to claim that filming police abusing a child is somehow “promoting pictures of juveniles” like some creep? If so, then we disagree. Anyone who would attempt to cover up such treatment of children is complicit in their abuse.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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