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A Call for JIHAD Minnesota State Capitol Creates Platform

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Published on: February 22, 2023

When a Somali extremist calls for JIHAD, while using the Minnesota State Capitol for its platform, where are our elected representatives and police?

Questions to Consider-
Are these supporters of al-Shabab, a Somali Islamic terrorist group or those of a militia factional group? Why are they calling for JIHAD and the extermination of citizens in their homeland? Why the ask of the Minnesota-Somali population to financially support this terrorist act? Why are the media outlets silent? Researcher and Catching Fire News host Ron Branstner reached out to security at the Minnesota State Capitol. While speaking with a supervisor, Branstner asked why a Somali activist group would be allowed to call for JIHAD, a call for war, against an area occupied by their own people.

Due to the Language Barrier-
The supervisor said he was unaware of the threats presented yet stated they have the right of free speech. Branstner responded that “Inciting violence is not free speech”, and explained this could lead to violence in the American-Somali population here in Minnesota. If this is not addressed, the call for JIHAD could put them at risk with Branstner stating he was concerned for the safety of Somalians here at home. The supervisor again stated, “They have the right to free speech, and this is the People’s House” and that Branstner should call the local police department to make a report if there was a concern.

Per the Sons of Liberty Radio Host-
Bradlee Dean shared he was directed to not invoke the name of Jesus Christ, or salvation, at the Minnesota State Capitol during the opening legislative prayer, as it is not considered free speech in the Minnesota State Capitol. Ironically, while in the Minnesota State Capitol repeatedly invoking the name of Allah while calling for genocide within the promotion of a civil war in a foreign nation, is considered free speech.

How is it that Minnesota has become so woke and disconnected from reality and truth? Are we being kept in the dark by our mainstream media?

Observe Your Legislators-
Watch the video, translation, and then share this with your friends and legislators. Listen and see how your legislators will run from this situation while calling it a cultural issue and not the political terrorism that it is.

Eighty-five Percent of Islam is Political, with Fifteen Percent Being Religious-
The speaker in this video is demanding the Minnesota Somali-American culture to finance a political and religious war. In Islam, a Muslim is obligated to finance such activities and is called zakat. To not do so is apostasy. While invoking the name of Allah, the political Islamic structure calls for the Minnesota Muslim community to finance their war. With a failed banking system this is achieved when funds are funneled through multiple hands, including al-Shabab, a Somali terrorist organization.

Bypassing the Banking System-
Terrorist efforts are supported through fraudulent activities such as the Minnesota daycare fraud where $100’s of millions left yearly as cash, in suitcases, through the MSP International Airport. There is also the Minnesota $250 million Feeding our Future fraud, the largest Covid fraud in America, along with over a billion dollars leaving in remittances to their homeland, of which monies have been traced back to supporting terrorist activities.  It is interesting to note that in 2022, the United States gave $870 million in humanitarian aid for food and drought assistance which represents half of Somalia’s total assistance.

As a Sidelight-
Just a couple of months ago, in December 2022, UNICEF was seeking $272 million for humanitarian support for the Horn of Africa (South Africa). *

“We will fight them (Somaliland Government) until the last man (is standing).  I am informing the people of Las Anod to FIGHT, and this is JIHAD for the sake of Allah. What will you say in the hereafter (to Allah if you refuse to fight). The one who refuses to take part in this JIHAD is a COWARD. May Allah make that person (non-combatant) experience hellfire on this earth and the hereafter. To the ones who refuse (to join this JIHAD) and finance this war, may Allah burn you in hell.” “This is JIHAD”, he says. “Weapons (are readily) bought, and we (Jihadists) have more weapons and money than them (Somaliland). We will bring weapons from Ukraine and South Africa*. I swear to Allah we will bomb them (Somaliland) and bury their dead”.

In the Name of Allah-
The speaker is proselytizing that the culture of Somalia has a religious obligation, and that Allah will punish them on earth and in the hellfire if they do not support this act of war. He is making this demand based on one of the five pillars of Islam, zakat. While demanding money from the Minnesotan non-combatants to advance their call for genocide against their own people, from thousands of miles away, he repeatedly invokes the name of their god Allah.

Outside of Somalia-
Minnesota has the largest population of Somalians in the world. Somalis in America are being demanded/pressured, by factions of militant political operatives, to support a civil war between regions in Somalia. It would be prudent to consider the possibility that tribal warfare could spill into Minnesota, especially between the people from these targeted regions.

In 2007-
Somaliland forces captured the city, pushing out Puntland forces, where tensions have remained as Las Anod has not fully accepted Somaliland governance.

Safest Region in Somalia-
Of the six regions in Somalia, and as a non-aggressive de facto state, the region of Somaliland has functioned as a self-governing, non-combative, autonomous entity. Las Anod is a city in Somaliland, close to the border and next to the region of Puntland. The Majeerteen clan of Somaliland, and the Dhulbahante, Puntland’s dominant clan, are both seeking control over the city. Until just days ago Somaliland had been the safest region located in north Somalia, but during the current revolution, and according to the United Nations, 185K Somaliland inhabitants have been displaced by militias.

Things to Consider-
Somalia signed an agreement with the United States for offshore petroleum exploration for seven blocks. In recent months large oil deposits were discovered in Somaliland having the potential to reset the regional balance, increasing both internal and international interest and tensions.

In the Meantime-
On the heels of the United States January 9th announcement pledging $9 million in military support to the city of Mogadishu, located in the southern region of Banadir to ward off al-Shabab, it is worth noting that the United States has a diplomatic relationship with the country of Somalia, yet not directly with the region of Somaliland. It is ironic that one day later, January 10th, the self-declared republic of Somaliland confirmed that oil had been discovered in the region.

The timing of the current escalation for civil war is suspicious. With the United States supplying huge sums of tax-payer dollars into the combatant part of Somalia, but not into the non-combative Somaliland where the newly found oil reserves are located, is suspicious. The United States has no relationship with Somaliland and seemingly has no interest or regard for the 185K displaced Somaliland inhabitants, yet supports their petroleum exploration, is suspicious. With Somaliland under attack, and citizens fleeing in droves, leaves opportunities wide open for big business land grabs in the oil rich region.

Bringing This Full Circle to Minnesota-
Consider the futile efforts of Keith Ellison, Tom Emmer, and the failed results they have attained through their Somali caucus since 2015. Once the safest of Somalia’s six regions, a civil, political and religious war now rages. With oil shifting to center stage comes the potential for full escalation. This could put the whole region into total chaos.

The United States Sets Its Sights on Somaliland Oil Reserves-
As taxes continue to bleed into Somalia from the American economy and citizens pocketbooks, the failures of Keith Ellison, Tom Emmer, and their Somali caucus has laid the groundwork for a platform to take hold and, as the video confirms, was on full display. These elected officials have created an opportunity to bring civil unrest from another country, thousands of miles away, right here to Minnesota and into our backyards. Nothing to see here, right?

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