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A Controlled Collapse of the Economy & the Consequences of Fear

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Published on: April 13, 2020

Many people would argue that there is more going on behind the scenes concerning the so-called Covid-19 pandemic. Even though much of what was predicted through inaccurate models has proven to be untrue, and the revelation that people allegedly dying from the disease are being falsely labeled with Covid-19, city and local governments across the country are continuing with unnecessary, and mind you, unconstitutional lockdown orders. Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, for example, has issued a restriction on traveling between residences. Other governors are enforcing draconian rules against church services, and in places like Philadelphia, cops are dragging people off city buses for not wearing masks. Some people are attributing this to a 5G conspiracy. While there may be something to do this, the truth probably revolves around the idea that they are using this to cover up the inevitable, deliberate collapse of our economy, and further global government objectives.

As of right now, according to, forty-three percent of small businesses will be forced to close permanently without some kind of cash help from the government. In order to provide this help, our government recently passed a six trillion-dollar stimulus bill that will offer forgivable loans and direct cash payments to those in need. Using this crisis to attack small business is a possible application of the Cloward-Piven strategy. In the article “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to end Poverty,” Francis Fox Piven and Richard Cloward, former sociology professors from Columbia University, discuss a plan that entails a deliberate crash of the economy through an overwhelmed welfare system, which would force the government to implement socialist reforms. This was a much talked about theory during the Obama years. With Trump in office, this is probably receiving very little thought as most people believe he is staunchly pro-America. It is a well-known fact that most Democrats view capitalism and the small businesses that spring from it as a form of class oppression. Forcing small businesses to close would be a dream come true for the Marxists in our government.

Another thing to consider is the fact that artificial intelligence is taking over many human jobs. In fact, it has been predicted for years that by 2025, automation would displace up to 52 percent of the world’s workforce. That is more than half of the people who currently have jobs. Ironically, the people thought to be hit the most will be those in the food industry and those who run machines. Could this pandemic be the smokescreen for a completely life-altering event that will leave millions of people unemployed and dependent upon a socialist government? Time will tell, if we see robots begin to replace people in some of these jobs, we will have our answer.

One aspect of unemployment and a crashing economy that is being completely ignored by the media is the correlation between suicide rates and the rise in unemployment claims. According to The Economist, for every point the unemployment goes rate up, 21 out of 100,000 people kill themselves. At the rate jobs are being lost we are looking at a potential number of suicides far surpassing the number of people predicted to be killed by Covid-19. The fact that this is being ignored proves that the government’s overreaction and its imposition of unconstitutional policies is not about saving lives.

Another theory that lends credence to the idea that this is a manufactured crisis opposed to an authentic pandemic, is the use of slogan type words like social distancing, essential jobs and the suggestion, or in some cases the forcing of wearing masks in public. Some businesses have resorted to herding people through their stores like cattle to enforce these ideas. These words and policies have very dehumanizing effects that only serve to separate us and turn us into faceless, nameless, autonomous beings with no voice. Coupled with the lie that we are all potential asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19, this propaganda creates mistrust among each other.

The more people become accustomed to words like “essential jobs,” for example, the more they will accept the loss of jobs that have been deemed unessential. How long will be until the people performing unessential jobs become unessential people? Furthermore, the more we allow them to keep us separated with enforced social distancing rules, the more likely we will be standing alone when we need each other the most.

There is indeed something else going on behind the scenes with this manufactured crisis. A controlled collapse of the economy along with the slow conditioning process to get us to accept a new normal in American life. A normal where prosperity and individual liberty are a thing of the past. A new normal where a general mistrust among the people around you pervades your consciousness ̶ which will leave you unsure of whether you should be concerned when you no longer notice their presence, because after all; they could be carrying a disease. Did they get their vaccination? A new normal where people have been programmed to look to government to solve problems because we have been made dependent. This is the consequence of letting fear guide your thinking.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

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