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A Decade Ago, Dr. Bill Deagle Knew What Was Planned For “Vaccines” & The People (Video)

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Published on: March 28, 2022

Dr. Bill Deagle spoke out in 2012 about what the plans for “vaccines” were and how they would be used on the people of the world.  Sadly, not only was his message censored, but many who heard it failed to listen and take heed.

However, his explanation has been preserved.

Dr. Deagle talks about the design to alter human DNA with graphene oxide, utilize Artificial Intelligence technology and inject humans with cancer cells.

His internet disclosures of years past revolved around his experience within some of our world’s most highly secret networks, involving employment in the US black budget sector on bio-chemistry projects, including DUMBS and SSP liaison assignments.

“So, a very powerful leg of the New World disorder…is your doctor,” said Deagle.  “Because, most of the really bad things they want to do to you – including implanting chips, ‘vaccines’ that are psychotronic that will rewire your brain, ‘vaccines’ that will insert DNA to alter your genetics, ‘vaccines’ that will cause cancer, ‘vaccines’ that will program so that you will be sensitized to EMF technology to transfer thoughts and…control your very physiology using scalar technologies – all of these have been developed, and your doctor will administer them.”

“Just like the Big Pharma drugs that are being administered, that are slowly killing our elderly population and turning them into demented fools,” he added.  “If you think politics is corrupt, medicine is 1000x more corrupt, because the victims are either dead, dying or wish they were.”

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