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A Decade Ago, The Same Players Of Today Used The Same Tactics & The Same Script As The CONvid-1984 – But They Failed – Let’s Make Them Fail, Again! (Video)

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Published on: January 6, 2021

In a video montage that I managed to acquire, we can go back a decade and see the very same liars and manipulators that were in a position of power back then, including Anthony Fauci, following the exact same script as today and using the exact same tactics.  This was in regards to the H1N1 swine flu, but the similarities are identical in how they pushed fear on the public in order to produce a vaccine, making Big Pharma lots of money and steadily ramping up the mind control of the population to embrace vaccines.

No words are needed for this.  If you have actually been listening to the narrative, and you’ve been coming here for news and commentary, then you know that’s all they have are words.  They have lost the narrative and they are losing the vaccine propaganda war.

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