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A Majority Favors The Rule Of Law

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Published on: July 23, 2020

What kind of mayors allow violent demonstrators to destroy their cities in piecemeal fashion with protracted rioting? What kind of governors allow cities in their state to burn similarly at the hands of rioters? What kind of elected officials ignore the protestations of the citizens and business owners who elected them against ongoing violent demonstrations as their homes, businesses and public places they frequent are demolished by thugs? What sort of lawmakers pillory those who suggest that these mayors and governors ought to take more decisive action in these areas?

These are the questions a lot of Americans are asking at present. Many of them do not yet have a working understanding of the dynamic in play as regards the violent demonstrations we’ve seen in recent weeks, but that hardly negates the validity of their concerns.

As I’ve pointed out previously in this space, President Donald Trump has been in a tenuous position concerning the federal government’s role in mitigating the violence: There is a very real danger that any intercession by the administration could be characterized by the political left and the press as a tacit endorsement of police brutality against blacks, since this is the pretext that leftist radicals are using as justification for the riots.

As the mayhem continued in our major cities with little or no action being taken by state or local officials, President Trump finally ordered troops into some of the areas that have suffered the worst rioting. At least a couple of these were areas where local officials had almost grudgingly allowed police to clear protesters out after weeks of violence. These efforts were met with resistance from rioters, promising more of the same, or even an escalation of the violence.

Despite all this, as one might expect, certain local officials lost their minds the moment federal officials came on the scene, claiming overreach on the part of the administration in decidedly histrionic terms.

The problem here is that Americans are despairing far more over the breakdown in domestic tranquility and the political opportunism evidenced by leftist politicos over the last few months than they are despairing over police brutality or charges of systemic racism in our nation. And this despair is cutting across geographic, economic, demographic and political lines; in fact, the only people who seemed content with how things were progressing were those who were burning cities down.

The other day, a friend showed me an article that tickled me to death, quite honestly. It featured black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, with whom I faced off on Fox News’ “Hannity” show years ago. Mr. Terrell is something of a fixture on TV news programs and is as much of a celebrated loudmouth as he is an activist attorney.

Well, apparently, Leo is saying he’s had it with the increasingly radical agenda of the Democratic Party and plans to vote Republican this November, reportedly for the first time in his life. Whether he will actually follow through with this is anyone’s guess, but the fact that he’s articulating this level of disgust with his party says a whole lot.

And Leo Terrell is far from the only one. Despite the insinuation of dedicated radicals into government and the tacit support for violent demonstration this represents on the part of elected officials in places like Portland, Seattle and Chicago, there is an upswell of disgust and outrage on the part of many self-identifying liberals and Democrats. While we won’t see much coverage of this in the establishment press due to its blatant leftist bias, it is definitely taking place.

The WalkAway movement, a campaign started on social media by millennial New Yorker Brandon Straka just ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, has been aggregating disgruntled Democrats ever since. The campaign encourages Democrats to leave the party; its members are largely comprised of millennials and lifelong liberals who are nevertheless decidedly put off by the radical tack the party has taken in recent years.

Last September, Isaiah Washington, a black actor and former “Grey’s Anatomy” star, announced that he was leaving the Democratic Party and voiced his support for the WalkAway movement. Interestingly, when asked about the reaction he received from his Hollywood peers afterward, Washington told Fox News that he was surprised to learn that many felt the same way, but were too afraid to voice their political opinions.

To convey how bad it’s getting even in traditionally liberal strongholds: On Tuesday a New York City artist unfurled a huge banner over an expressway depicting Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio wearing a T-shirt bearing the image of the late Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara and holding the severed head of Lady Liberty.

“New York has turned into a sh—hole because of this guy,” the artist, Scott LoBaido, told the New York Post.

All things considered, it isn’t too surprising that people are getting quite fed up, even those who self-identify as lifelong Democrats. What is somewhat surprising is that we’re seeing more and more of those in demographics critical to the Democratic Party – such as younger people and blacks – beginning to bail.

Earlier this week, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News that ultimately, the nationwide civil unrest would be quelled only when the government committed to prosecute the ringleaders of violent protests, as they did in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

In this instance, I would agree with Gingrich except for two things: First, in the 1960s and ’70s, we had far fewer radicals actually in government, supporting revolutionaries and stymieing efforts to reel them in.

Second: At that time, the ringleaders among leftist dissidents were loosely organized, hairy young troglodytes. Today, the ringleaders are extremely well-funded, incredibly well-organized billionaires, millionaires, entrenched political operatives, congressional representatives, mayors and governors, with the hairy young troglodytes serving as foot soldiers.

This of course means that extricating these agencies from their positions of influence and our political process will be significantly more difficult than it was 50 years ago. In this area, I can only pray that President Trump has some creative ideas up his sleeve, because he is one of the few who realizes how close to the precipice our nation truly is.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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