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A Marine & A Booby Trap Package Makes For Instant Justice For Front Porch Thief – The Aftermath Is Hilarious (Video)

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Published on: May 19, 2022

I must say that I have not seen something so funny in quite a while.  A US marine booby trapped a package for his front porch after he suspected a man stealing his packages.  What ensued is nothing short of instant justice and actually pretty hilarious.

I warn you, there is some language, but the fact that the thief soiled his shorts is a testimony to the effects of the plot.

Take a look.

What’s even more incredible is that the marine remains inside chiding the thief as the thief remains on the porch trying to justify himself, just like guilty sinners who will not shut their mouths and hear the word of the Judge and submit to the Savior.  That part isn’t funny, but the blast and effects were very funny.

Interestingly enough, Defiant America discovered what was in the box to make such a scene.

For those wondering about the “bobby trap”, it’s a fake box loaded with 12 gauge blanks that will explode when the package is picked up. It’s completely harmless. It’s sold online but it’s currently sold out.

Semper Fi, Marine!  Semper Fi!

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