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A Message for Businesses which Replace “Christmas” Greetings with “Holiday” Greetings

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Published on: November 22, 2015

You will probably be offended by my comments, but I am offended big time, as well as millions of other American Christians, at changes you have imposed on traditional Christmas greetings! Our being offended is certainly nothing compared to your offense to Jesus Christ, the Reason for the season!

First, if you have changed your business’ greeting to “Happy Holiday” because “Merry Christmas” is too religious, you obviously are ignorant of the fact that “holiday” means “Holy Day.” So, will you be offended to hear “Happy Holy Day” greetings given to customers by your employees instead of, “Happy Holiday,” since it is the same thing?

Secondly, if you as business owners and/or managers are concerned about offending some customers by saying “Christmas,” why aren’t you concerned about offending your Christian customers with your antichristian stand? There are still more Christians in America than any other religion! If you do not understand the power of the purse Christians hold, you should consult Mel Gibson to find out how many millions he made from Christians on his movie, “The Passion.” Many Christian movies produced in recent years have been overwhelmingly successful!

Thirdly, if you as a business owner no longer allows the word “Christmas” to be mentioned by your employees, nor to have the word “Christmas” on items in your store during this season, then obviously shoppers will not find “Christmas presents or decorations” in your store and shop elsewhere. I doubt seriously there are many who are shopping for “holiday presents,” so why bother to come to your store? It appears since you worship the almighty dollar as your god, instead of the Almighty God, you are doing much to diminish that which you worship!

Fourthly, why do you suppose there are more items purchased because of the Christmas season than any other time of year? Answer: Because Jesus Christ GAVE His life so mankind could have forgiveness of sin. Christians having Jesus Christ living within them have joy in giving, esp. as they are reminded of His birth. Do your research and look at nations whose dominant religion(s) is not Christianity. Do they celebrate Christmas at all with the giving of gifts? What does that do to businesses in their country during this time of year compared to businesses in America?

Lastly, the Bible prophesied people like you would take actions you have, so your antichrist actions just confirm the Bible! Please know this confirmation tells us you will spend eternity burning in hell after you take your last breath unless there is repentance by you and an acceptance of Jesus Christ and His Gift of salvation. Jesus Christ said, But whosoever denies me before men, him will I also deny before My Father in heaven (Matthew 10:33). Why would you want to deny Christ by censoring and, therefore, offending Someone Who has loved you so much He gave His life for you that you might spend eternity with Him in Heaven?

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