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A Message From A Venezuelan Couple That The American People Need To Hear! (Video)

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Published on: June 9, 2021

After taking up residence at Agape Shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, this couple from Venezuela has a message that every person in the US needs to hear regarding what is taking place in our own country, and they provide a clear warning as to what happened to them that is currently taking place here.

The woman claims that she used to work for the “opposition party” in Venezuela but her statements were not meant to be political.  She is now facing political persecution for speaking out against the Communist Party leader, Nicolas Maduro.

When asked what Communism did in Venezuela, the couple said that the Communists made Venezuela go broke.  They don’t have petroleum nor gas.

The couple said they don’t have recreational areas anymore for their children and that the country has been completely destroyed.

The man said they don’t have freedom of speech nor any rights anymore.

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When asked what they would say about Democrats in America pushing Communism, the couple told Americans not to let them do it because they will take away the freedom of our children and destroy the country.  “Don’t let them take it away from you, ” the woman said.

“We were a rich country with petroleum,” she added.  “Now, we don’t have nothing.”

The man added, “It’s exactly the same.  They took away our rights.  In ’98, Communism came to Venezuela and completely destroyed Venezuela.”

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