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A New 9/11 Every Day…And It is Our Fault

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Published on: September 22, 2015

Last week, it was the arrest of Kim Davis for refusing to grant a marriage license to sexual perverts of the same gender.  That was just gutsy common sense.  After all, this is not Hell.

Is it?  This week, another candid video about the abortion industry is hitting the Internet (it was taped a year ago), featuring Planned Paedocide, dba ‘Planned Parenthood’.

You have seen the images of trays full of tiny infant limbs and heads, hacked to bits by monsters who are treated by neighbors and friends as normal, well-adjusted human beings.  If the victims were a bit older – say, six years old instead of six months in the womb – would we still treat these neighbors who hacked them to pieces as normal people and refuse to make them feel ‘uncomfortable’ like the monsters they are?

I suppose timing is everything?  Either that, or welcome to Hell. Watch the video and listen to a practicing ghoul, Carolyn Westhoff, at the 1:35 point… “everything we provide is fresh!” and her satanic sister in crime, Deborah Nucatola, at the 10:03 point, describing how she is careful to not destroy the valuable tissues…“So I crush below, and I crush above, but I make sure not to crush the heart, lung, and liver area.”

These are demons, people!  After almost 58 million dead, the body of Christ still refuses to wage all-out war of extermination on this ruthless monstrosity, far worse than Hitler and Stalin combined?

The Power We Abdicate

These cold, perverted killers and their abortuaries only exist because the U.S. Congress refuses to exercise the moral control that We The People gave them:

“…the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.” (Article III, Section 2, Clause 2, U.S. Constitution).

See?  We stipulate in the Constitution that Congress can bar the U.S.  Supreme Court from any cases they see fit.  Instead, Congress has welcomed living Hell because We The People have been ignorant of our own Constitution, having no clue that we can have them place such ‘exceptions and regulations’ on the U.S. Supreme Court.

So do not say there is nothing you can do about mass murderers and sexual perverts pushing their way into our civilization.

Right now and from now on, you can join the fight by joining AmericaAgain!  Note our reform law #2, the Constitutional Courts Act.  It will place abortion, marriage, healthcare, education, and sharia law (or other alien law-codes) outside the power of the federal courts.  Simple application of Article III, Section 2, Clause 2 of the Constitution.

Do you notice that, because this is a clear stipulation in the U.S. Constitution, the federal courts have no power to resist this?  It is entirely up to US.

Our Short-Term Action

AmericaAgain! is the only full-spectrum, lawful, peaceful plan of action in the republic, and our FEAR The People™ campaign is the point of the spear.  Do not say there is nothing you can do about abortion, homosexual ‘marriage’, or Obamacare; there it is, and it is entirely up to us and to Congress.

Taking over Congress — making districts 1/15 as large as they are now, and bringing Congress home to work full-time under our watchful eye — is the goal of our AmericaAgain! Good Guys™ and Bring Congress Home™ campaigns.  But first, we must finish ratifying the original First Amendment–the first article in our Bill of Rights, and the ONLY article left to ratify.  We need 27 more states (11 have ratified it) to make the U.S. House of Representatives truly ‘America’s House’ again, as the founders intended.

It will mean having 6,400 small, local districts, rather than the huge districts and multi-million dollar campaigns we have now, where only D.C. organized crime puppets can run for office…and then, they either live in the pockets of D.C. lobbyists and corrupt congressional machine politicians who chair the committees or they go nowhere in politics.

This is a war — and has been, for generations.  The enemy has crawled into every window and door and taken over our lives, over generations.  We fail to recognize our enemy’s true strength, composition, tactics, and strategy.  For a century we have also failed to see its weaknesses, which can now be easily exploited.  We do not intend to keep walking that sinful, apathetic path.  It is time to fight, and the battle will take full-spectrum action for generations.  Not election cycles.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are over 170 million adult Christians in America.  If the term ‘Christian’ means anything, it is that we do not sit by as monsters crush infants to death; so how can millions of Americans express shock when 3,000 adults died on 9/11/2001 but look the other way for 40 years as an equal number of Americans are killed each DAY in America’s abortuaries?

How long will God have mercy on us?  Will we repent and turn now, or will our children live under God’s judgment of this surreal Hell on earth, where so-called Christians do their yoga and soccer as three thousand tiny innocents are hacked to pieces each day in our midst?

Don’t ever tell your children there is nothing you could do about our descent into Hell.  You have a front row seat and a steering wheel; there is work to be done, and it is precisely your refusal to do that work that got us here — living the life of the damned.

We can kick these gates of Hell down, in our time.  But, of course, you’ll have to give a damn first.


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