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A Queen! Or A Pill!

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Published on: July 16, 2020

As missionaries to the Americans, I and the 190+ chapter founders of TACTICAL CIVICS™ have a difficult job. We are dealing with a population that, with each generation, becomes more inert, clueless, and European.

What do I mean by ‘European’? Well, the key distinctive of Americans since the birth of this civilization was our character traits that were and are absent in Europeans: the Protestant work ethic and the deep desire for liberty that caused us to resist the largess of meddlesome government in favor of doing things ourselves.

But that was before we became soft. Before six major and minor depressions. Before two world wars and several dozen minor wars. And it was before criminogenic federal government trained operatives at the state, county, local, and school board levels to tax, regulate, and spy on us until we finally gave up.

Now, I am faced every day with men and women in their 60s and 70s who are totally oblivious to basic American civics. They know more about their favorite TV shows than about the U.S. Constitution. They have no idea the responsibilities of citizenship in this republic; the fact that We The People, collectively, are the only human power over that law, so when it is being violated on every hand, we alone can arrest those crimes.

These men and women who were born well over half a century ago, when we still had brains in our heads, still today can write with perfect seriousness that “If President Trump doesn’t save America, we’re finished!”, and “I’m just hoping that we will have President Ivanka Trump or President Candace Owens in 2024”.

While I don’t trust Ivanka Trump any more than I trust her husband or her pal Chelsea Clinton, I do like Candace Owens very much. I think that young lady will do very well as she grows into the many opportunities life has for her. And sure, Candace is an excellent debater. But the thing is, so are thousands of young Americans who don’t happen to be female or black. So now, so-called conservatives are in the affirmative action scam? Full-grown Americans, honestly thinking that the presidency is a talent show?

It’s not so much that they would actually vote for an unqualified young person to be president, based on debate skills. But even worse is their deep-seated notion that what they really want is a monarch to rule over them. Why are so many Americans so totally ignorant of basic civics? Of how few powers we invest in our presidents?

Our Founding Fathers had a keen knowledge of history. Being familiar with human sin and fallen empires, they built safeguards into the Constitution, to avoid the most predictable sins of mankind. From the outset, they decided that America would never have a monarch; “No king but King Jesus!”, they said.

Lazy folk want to take a pill rather than exercise. They prefer to allow politicians to ‘run the country’ rather than limit themselves to very few services. FOX News celebrity Tucker Carlson has reiterated many times that “Presidents are supposed to run the country; it’s why we elect them”.

Learning civics and performing the duties required of every American is not even difficult. And it’s certainly far less destructive than allowing criminal politicians to ‘fix America’ for us.

Voting is perhaps 5% of our duties as Americans; the other 95% we call TACTICAL CIVICS™. It includes the duties of Grand Jury, Militia, and regular superintendence of our hired help. There is no queen, no magic pill on our horizon. We are under God’s judgment for our sloth and willful ignorance. We refuse to perform the functions, but continue to want the distinction of the name, ‘American’.

That’s not real life, friend. Real life is the hell you keep calling down on all our heads, as you kick the can down the road, complaining on social media, yet asking for a queen, or a pill.

Article posted with permission from David Zuniga

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