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A Second Attack On Your Gun Rights Just Passed The House

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Published on: March 2, 2019

Earlier this week,  I reported on HR 8 that passed the House, which seeks to violate not only the Second Amendment and the restrictions Congress is bound to in Article I of the US Constitution, but also your Fifth Amendment rights.  However, a second unconstitutional piece of legislation has passed the Democrat-controlled House that again seeks to attack your God-given right to keep and bear arms.

On Thursday, the House voted 228-198 to advance the HR 1112 to the Senate.

The lawless bill which was sponsored by Rep. James E. Clyburn (D-SC) is referred to as the “Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019” and has been nicknamed the “Charleston Loophole” bill.  In other words, it violates the Fifth Amendment by depriving you of liberty and assumed you are guilty before being able to obtain a gun.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has claimed that HR 1112 is far “worse” than HR8.

Under that bill, gun sales from licensed dealers would be subject to the discretion of federal officials. Through either malice or incompetence, the legislation creates an unworkable system where gun buyers could be placed in an endless loop of background checks and would never actually receive the firearms they wish to purchase.

Emotionally driven, rather than lawfully aware, representatives advance this kind of tyranny believing it will actually stop criminals and crime.

Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ), who is a survivor of domestic violence, sought to amend the bill to maintain a three day limit on background checks for victims of domestic violence attempting to purchase a gun for protection.

“Do we really want to tell victims of domestic violence they have to wait up to 20 business days,” the she asked, “before they are allowed to adequately defend themselves?”

While I applaud that she was will to stand against a 20 day waiting period, I have to ask why would should make any law-abiding citizens wait any period of time to purchase any kind of arm to :

and bear in protection of themselves and others, when we are to guard that right they have been given by their Creator?

The NRA responded to the legislation in a statement:

“The anti-gun politicians in the House of Representatives continue to employ the shameful tactic of exploiting tragedies to market gun control that won’t prevent criminals from committing murder.  It’s a sham and the Charleston Loophole bill is the perfect example of their dishonesty. The assertion that a supposed 10-day delay would have prevented a crime that took place over 60 days after the initial delay is ridiculous.  This legislation would not have prevented the Charleston murders, and even worse, the legislation is so poorly drafted it would put law-abiding citizens who need a firearm for self-defense at risk by trapping them in an endless loop of delays. The NRA will continue to fight for the constitutional right of law-abiding Americans to defend themselves and their families without apology.”

Fortunately, though many in the Senate and even President Trump support unconstitutional bans on bump stocks and imposing Red Flag laws, which violate the Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections of citizens, neither are likely to usurp their authority and advance this bill or HR8 into “law.”

Keep in mind, as I told you previously, this is gun confiscation, not gun control, and it is just three short steps to obtain that.

  1. Universal Background Checks
  2. Firearm Registration
  3. Firearm Confiscation

Banning alcohol didn’t stop people from selling or buying or consuming alcohol.  It was just as stupid as the claim that if we outlaw plants, things will be far better.  The opposite has been true, just listen to those pushing for a wall on the southern border and you will hear the remarks about all the “drugs” coming over the border.  OK, stop outlawing plants and their derivatives and they won’t be coming over the border because the power of the drug cartel would be smashed by a free market rather than a black one.

The same thing happens concerning arms.  The more these people seek to usurp their authority, violate their oath of office and seek to disarm you, the greater danger they put you, your family and your neighbors, as well as the States in danger.

Yeah, right!  No one is coming for your guns… don’t believe it.

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