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A Stolen Presidential Election in the Nation’s Election Fraud Capital

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Published on: November 10, 2020

In October, someone got away with a laptop and USB drives full of encrypted data at the warehouse where Philadelphia’s voting machines are stored.

Philadelphia city officials swiftly assured voters that there was nothing to worry about because all the data was encrypted. Meanwhile, a local reporter was able to enter the warehouse and stroll around the voting machines without anyone in the warehouse stopping him. Others had noted that accessing the USB slot for the voting machines was surprisingly easy.

But there were bigger problems at the warehouse than that. The serial numbers on the voting machines didn’t match election records. In a familiar story, officials blamed clerical errors.

And there were a whole lot of errors.

The new voting machines had been incorrectly recording votes. In a previous election, Northampton County voters who voted Republican suffered a “weird technical glitch” in which votes cast for Republicans instead went to the “instructional text box”. The manufacturer blamed the problem on “human error” and claimed that it only affected some 30% of machines.

Northampton County, one of the bellwether counties, was said to have flipped for Biden. The margins in some key precincts were between “a handful to hundreds of votes.”

There were problems with 366 of the same model of voting machines in Philly.

According to the manufacturer, voting machines only accept “certified and approved USB flash drives containing encrypted data”, which had apparently been stolen before Election Day.

The same month that the laptop and USB drives were stolen, elsewhere in the state, an elections judge in Allentown was charged with, “insertion and alteration of entries in documents, and prying into ballots”.

The judge, the Reverend Everett E. Bickford, or Erika, who now wears flowers in his hair and heavy makeup, along with a clerical collar, was hauled into court, but went on working as an election judge. Officials promised to watch him closely on Nov 3.

The current numbers claim that Biden beat Trump in the Reverend’s 3rd Ward by 522 to 173.

The media amplified stories about election fraud in Pennsylvania largely when it affected Democrat primaries. That same media is vocally denying that there could be any fraud now.

Why would anyone think there could be any fraud in the nation’s election fraud capital?

In ’86, Councilman Lee Beloff, the son of a judge, was charged alongside his legislative aide, and mob boss “Little Nicky” Scarfo, with extorting $1 million and an apartment for his mistress.

Less glamorously, Beloff was also indicted, along with his wife and two Democratic committee members for ” conspiracy, voting more than once and giving false information on voter registrations to elderly people living in a nursing home.”

Beloff had previously received a gubernatorial pardon for interfering with a poll watcher so he could run for public office.

After serving 6 years of his 10 year sentence, Beloff got out and became a Democrat ward chairman.

“We stay loyal to our people,” a local Democratic ward leader said.

A photo last year from the Philly Public Record shows a meeting of the “combined 39th Ward Democratic organizations”.

One of the photos is titled, “A South Philly Classic” and features Lee Beloff and Ozzie Myers.

Ozzie Meyers, a former Democrat Congressman who had been convicted of bribery and conspiracy, and spent three years in prison in the Abscam scandal, was indicted again this year for “conspiring to violate voting rights by fraudulently stuffing the ballot boxes for specific candidates in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections, bribery of an election official, falsification of records, voting more than once in federal elections.”

Domenick J. Demuro, an election judge in the 39th Ward, pled guilty to having “accepted bribes in the form of money and other things of value in exchange for adding ballots to increase the vote totals for certain candidates on the voting machines in his jurisdiction and for certifying tallies of all the ballots, including the fraudulent ballots.”

Why wouldn’t you trust these guys?

As Judge Scirica noted in his ruling, voter fraud, “including the practice of voting dead or non-resident citizens, is no stranger to Pennsylvania, especially to the City of Philadelphia.”

“Hispanics would sign anything,” Democrat campaign workers joked in the case that would lead to the state’s biggest absentee ballot fraud case. So of course it came out of Philly in the 90s.

William Stinson, an assistant Deputy Mayor to Mayor Ed Rendell, was running for a State Senate seat with Democrat control of the Senate at stake. A poll showed him 4% behind his Republican opponent and he allegedly ordered campaign workers to get black and Latino voters to sign absentee ballots.

Campaign workers were given a buck for every ballot, which they “helped” voters fill in.

Not satisfied to settle for actual voters, evidence was heard in court that workers had filled in the names of dead people and prison inmates.

When the votes were counted, Stinson had won a staggering 80% of the absentee ballots. The Republicans smelled a rat and The Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed voters and found 220 irregularities and 24 instances where documents were forged. Mostly minority voters were told to check boxes, vote on behalf of family members, and misled into voting for the wrong man.

In one investigation of the 37th Ward, only 15% of the absentee ballots had been legally cast.

“There were probably mistakes made by workers not understanding the rules of absentee ballots,” Rick Bloomingdale, the executive director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and future AFL-CIO boss, argued. “It was all intended to increase voter participation.”

A federal judge removed Stinson and replaced him with his Republican opponent, who had been winning before the absentee ballots arrived, accusing the Democrat candidate and the Philadelphia County Board of Elections of a “massive scheme”

A state investigation led to charges against Stinson and two Democrat campaign workers. Stinson admitted to unlocking voting machines and opening absentee ballots, but claimed he never actually looked at them.

A judge took mere minutes to acquit him.

How could anyone possibly believe that there’s anything rotten in Philly? Multiple trials, indictments, and judicial rulings, decade after decade, don’t prove a damn thing.

Except that there’s no such thing as an honest election in Philly.

Some Democrat municipalities at least take pains not to look crooked. That’s not the sort of thing they go for in Philly. That’s why you can see that photo of Beloff and Myers in the Public Record, whose motto is, “The Good Things We Do Must Be Made a Part of the Public Record.”

There’s a third man in the photo next to Beloff, who had been convicted of voter fraud, and Ozzie Myers, who would go on to be indicted for election fraud, and that man is Bob Brady.

Bob Brady is the Chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party.

Brady is famous for two things, winning every election with over 80% of the vote, and stealing the Pope’s cup.

“Like I’m not gonna take that cup?” he replied.

After spending 20 years as a House Democrat, including as a ranking member of the Committee on House Administration and on the Subcommittee on Elections, he stepped down after an FBI investigation into a $90,000 payment made by his campaign to get his opponent to drop out by disguising it as a payment for a poll.

Two of Brady’s aides were sent to jail in the case, but neither of the politicians were. After getting out of prison, Ken Smukler, one of those aides, was back working together with Brady and other Democrat leaders on the fight to help Biden win Pennsylvania.

The Biden campaign denied knowing him.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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