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Abbott Ships 64 Buses of Illegal Immigrants to Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot Ships Them to GOP-Leaning Suburbs

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Published on: September 17, 2022

Is what Abbott and DeSantis are doing making any difference at all? Or is it just “politics as usual” folks? First let me cover the news stories and then I will give my opinion at the end. News first. Opinions second.

Most recently in the news, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. What happened next? Martha’s Vineyard is sending them to Cape Cod. From USA Today:

JOINT BASE CAPE COD — Shortly after noon Friday, a group of migrants, mostly originating from Venezuela, arrived at their new temporary home on Cape Cod after an unexpected arrival Wednesday on Martha’s Vineyard.

Officials have been working to house, feed and support the group of about 50 migrants since they arrived on the wealthy Massachusetts island Wednesday afternoon.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took credit for chartering the two flights, but it’s unclear if he had the authority to do so. A spokesperson for DeSantis said the migrants were flown to Martha’s Vineyard as part of the governor’s “promise to drop off undocumented migrants in progressive states.” 

Their arrival comes after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey criticized the Biden administration’s border security and immigration policies and bused migrants to New York City, Chicago and Washington. Nearly 8,000 migrants had been moved on state-sponsored bus trips by late August straining cities’ resources.

On Friday, the group was moved to Joint Base Cape Cod, a facility that is home to five military commands, where state and local officials were coordinating food, shelter and essential services with volunteers, the Dukes County Emergency Management Association said in a release.


Surprise folks! The migrants won’t be staying at Martha’s Vineyard. What a shock! They will likely be shipped all over the country and shipped to concentrated RED areas for relocation. Why? Politics. Follow me here please because we need to cover what happened in Chicago in September.

This is from The Daily Mail:

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot sparked outrage after deciding to move 64 migrants on a bussed to the Windy City to a neighboring Republican suburb. 

On Wednesday, 147 migrants were arrived in Chicago, city officials told Fox 32

Hours later, 64 of them were taken to a Hampton Inn hotel in Burr Ridge – 20 miles southwest from downtown – where they will be housed for at least the next 30 days.

Republican Mayor of Burr Ridge, Gary Grasso, directed his anger at Lightfoot and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker for using the migrants as ‘political pawns.’

He said: ‘We are very unhappy that nobody from the city, from the state called and told me’ 

Most of the migrants, who are refugees, come from South American countries, including Peru and Colombia. 

‘As is my understanding, this hotel, about a year ago, when refugees came in from Afghanistan, apparently accepted several either through faith-based or charitable organizations, but now the state assumes they can just send migrants…,’ Grasso told Fox 32. 

‘This isn’t about them, the migrants are fine, they’re being used as political pawns by the governor and mayor,’ he added.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository dropped off plates of flood at the hotel on Thursday for the legal refugees. Grasso added that no unaccompanied minors were among the 64 newcomers who were checked by the Chicago Health Department.

‘We’re more than happy for people to find freedom, it is hypocrisy by the mayor of Chicago to complain about the governor of Texas – I do agree with what he’s doing – the city of Chicago says it’s going to be a sanctuary city which I oppose – but there must be vacant hotel rooms in Chicago,’ the mayor of Burr Ridge stressed. 

‘This is hundreds of people in a city of millions. Why are they sending them out to the Republican suburbs? You have to wonder,’ Grasso said in a further dig at Lightfoot.

A representative of the Burr Ridge Village Hall told NBC5 that the 64 migrants were sent to the hotel after being originally housed at the Salvation Army Shield of Hope in Chicago. 

The Hampton Inn, which was previously used to host refugees from Afghanistan, ‘does not give carte blanche to the governor or the mayor to send a couple of bus loads of migrants to our village without telling us,’ Grasso angrily expressed.



What is going on here in your opinion reader?

My opinion is this. Both DeSantis and Abbott are trying to look like “good guys” and sending the migrants to liberal areas. The liberal leadership is then using this to their advantage to EVENTUALLY ship the migrants to remote RED dots on the map and turn them BLUE.

If you think outside the box it very much appears like a good pro wrestling plot. The two sides appear to be enemies but are working together to turn all of America blue.

If and when that happens they will no longer have to cheat to steal any election. Politics in my mind is very much like pro wrestling. The difference is that most people know pro wrestling is fake while most people still think politics is real.

I talked to some Floridians on Facebook a few months ago and a couple of them told me that they like DeSantis, but don’t 100% trust him. Why? Because he’s a typical “politician.”

This is why the country loved Trump and they had to cheat to get rid of him.

I am a conservative who is now embarrassed to call myself “Republican.” It very much looks like both sides are working together to turn America blue while ignoring the red and…

Extinguishing the white!

Racist? Maybe you should read this article because racism today is greater than it ever has been.

Look folks, I am as paranoid as they come. But I also see clearly that RIGHT WING news sources refuse to print, or report on, a lot of the things I do. REAL NEWS is dying and Disabled Dean is trying to help it survive. Check out some of my links after my bio. And please read my bio because I am struggling folks. We all are.

God Bless America. God save us ALL.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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