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Abortion: What’s The Issue?

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Published on: August 22, 2022

The decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade does not make abortion illegal.  Rather, it returns the issue of abortion back to the States where it belongs.

Each State has now reacquired the power to determine for themselves if abortion will or will not be legal in their State.

So why is this an issue, and why are the Democrats all upset over the courts ruling?  News flash, it’s not just the Democrats that are upset.  It’s Republicans also, and if you have been paying attention, you will understand what I’m about to tell you.

The drive-by media has sensationalized this issue and has worked the populous into a frenzy by making it all about life and death of a child, and I’m not trying to downplay or dismiss the life and death aspect of this.  However, what I am pointing out is that both Democrats and Republicans have been for many years working together to keep the people distracted from what their real agenda is, which is money, power, and control.

On June 24, 2022, I received an email/ newsletter from Michiga’s number 1 idiot, Governor Whitmer, and contained within this newsletter, she makes the following statements:

However we personally feel about abortion, health – not politics – should drive important medical decisions. We need to trust women – our friends, family, and neighbors – to make the decisions that are best for them about their bodies and lives and keep politicians out of it.”

No matter what happens from here, I am going to fight like hell to protect every Michigander’s right to make decisions about their own body. I am in this fight for my kids, our kids, and the future of our great state.”

Now, keep in mind that this is the same governor that locked down the State of Michigan, forced businesses to close, issued tickets, fines, or arrested those that refused to obey her unlawful and unconstitutional commands, forced kids to wear a mask, and has forced kids to be vaccinated against their mother and father’s wishes, and now, when it comes to abortion, the governor does a 180 and proclaims that everyone has a right to decide for themselves what is right medically for their own body. Seriously!

You also constantly hear the children of Congress talk about healthcare being a right.  However, not a single one, Democrat or Republican, can show where within the 18 enumerated powers granted to the legislative branch does it address healthcare or where within the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence, does it address healthcare as a right.  Why?  It’s because it’s not a right, no matter how many times they want to say it.

Simply put, no branch, agency, department, or any subsection of the U.S. government has the constitutional authority to regulate healthcare in any capacity, and the courts cannot declare it so, for they can only apply, “NOT” interpret, the Constitution, which is a written document, “NOT” a living document.

Here in Michigan, Governor Whitmer is attempting to ignore, disobey, and repeal, by any means necessary, the abortion laws of Michigan, which are found within the Michigan Penal Code, Act 328 of 1931, Chapter III, and more specifically, MCL 750.14 and MCL 750.15.

In addition, on May 25, 2022, Governor Whitmer issued Executive Directive No. 2022-5, and released this statement: “The right to safe, legal abortion in the State of Michigan is under attack….. I am signing an executive directive instructing all state departments and agencies not to cooperate with authorities from other states who want to prosecute women seeking legal abortion care.”

Furthermore, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel issued this statement: “I have made clear that I will not use the resources of my office to enforce or defend Michigan’s 1931 statute criminalizing abortion.”

These two statements prove beyond a shadow of any doubt that both Governor Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel have collaborated and conspired to deprive the people of Michigan of their constitutional rights by taking a 180-degree position from the Covid 19 pandemic, a direct violation of Title 18 sec 241 and 242 and other State and federal laws.

There is a saying that I like to use, “Leave it to a bunch of attorneys to FOBAR the system,” because it amazes me that none of these attorneys take the time and research any of their claims, and this issue of repealing the abortion laws of Michigan is no different.

For the sake of argument, let’s say the abortion laws of Michigan are repealed, does this mean it is legal for a woman to have an abortion or for a doctor to preform an abortion?  The answer is “NO”.

What these Einstein, unlicensed, attorneys failed to take into account are the other Michigan laws regarding children as stated within the Michigan Penal Code, Act 328 of 1931, specifically MCL 750.136b(1)(a) that defines a child.  “Child” means a person who is less than 18 years of age and is not emancipated by operation of law as provided in section 4 of 1968 PA 293, MCL 722.4.

So, it is established by this statute that a child is any being under the age of 18, and it should be noted that the statute does not differentiate between a born and unborn child, and when combined with MCL 750.136b(1)(d), which states: “Person” means a child’s parent or guardian or any other person who cares for, has custody of, or has authority over a child regardless of the length of time that a child is cared for, in the custody of, or subject to the authority of that person. This statute, by definition, makes every unborn child to be in the care and custody of the mother.

Now, whether the abortion laws are repealed or not is irrelevant because for any mother to have an abortion, for any doctor to perform an abortion, or for anyone to prescribe or use drugs to induce a miscarriage or an abortion would fall within the following definitions of this statute, beginning with:

  • MCL 750.136b(1)(e): “Physical harm” means any injury to a child’s physical condition.
  • MCL 750.136b(1)(f): “Serious physical harm” means any physical injury to a child that seriously impairs the child’s health or physical well-being, including, but not limited to, brain damage, a skull or bone fracture, subdural hemorrhage or hematoma, dislocation, sprain, internal injury, poisoning, burn or scald, or severe cut.
  • MCL 750.136b(1)(g): “Serious mental harm” means an injury to a child’s mental condition or welfare that is not necessarily permanent but results in visibly demonstrable manifestations of a substantial disorder of thought or mood which significantly impairs judgment, behavior, capacity to recognize reality, or ability to cope with the ordinary demands of life.

So, based upon these statutes, the abortion of a child is a crime that was conducted knowingly and with malice, and is therefore, punishable under MCL 750.136b(2), which states: A person is guilty of child abuse in the first degree if the person knowingly or intentionally causes serious physical harm or serious mental harm to a child. Child abuse in the first degree is a felony punishable by imprisonment for life or any term of years.

Now, keep in mind that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that abortions were legal.  However, if anyone in Michigan was ever charged and convicted of child abuse under any of the statutes mentioned here, or any of the others that I did not mentioned, from 1973 until now, then the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court did not suspend any of these laws, which would make abortions an act of child abuse, punishable under these statutes.

So, even if the State legislature repeals the abortion laws of Michigan, specifically MCL 750.14 and MCL 750.15, all of the child abuse laws would still make abortions a crime.

Now, here is where things get very interesting, and where the unlicensed attorneys FOBAR the system again.

It has been well established that the State of Michigan, the counties, cities, and townships are all conducting themselves as corporate entities, and many of them, including the State of Michigan, are chartered corporations according to the following definition:

  1. charter is the grant of authority or rights, stating that the granter formally recognizes the prerogative of the recipient to exercise the rights specified. It is implicit that the granter retains superiority (or sovereignty), and that the recipient admits a limited (or inferior) status within the relationship, and it is within that sense that charters were historically granted, and it is that sense which is retained in modern usage of the term.

The Michigan Constitution, created and approved by the people of Michigan, is the charter that prescribes procedures to be followed in operating local government, establishes the powers and duties of elected officials, creates safeguards to protect against misuse of authority, and provides opportunities for citizen involvement. Michigan is a home rule state, and home rule gives the citizenry the right and responsibility to form its own government.  Therefore, the State Constitution/ charter provides the mechanism for accomplishing the myriad tasks assigned to elected officials to govern their communities.

This ability to create corporations ranges from the State level all the way down to local townships as described in The Charter Township Act, Act 359 of 1947, specifically section 42.1(2), where it describes these charter townships as a municipal corporation.

So, why is all of this important, and what is the connection between corporations with charter status and abortions?

For Governor Whitmer, the CEO of the corporate entity known as Michigan, to openly admit, proclaim, and state on the record that she, and the State AG Dana Nessel, are going to do everything in their power to hinder, interfere, or refuse to cooperate with any criminal investigations regarding abortions, and to proclaim that they will do everything in their power that their public office will allow them to do, to promote child abuse according to the laws of the State of Michigan, the governor has committed multiple violations of The Michigan Penal Code, Act 328 of 1931, beginning with MCL 750.151, which states in part:

And every person who, for himself or herself personally, or as a member, or in the name of a partnership, or as a member, agent, or officer of a corporation, or of any association for business purposes of any kind, who shall enter into or knowingly consent to any such void and illegal contract, agreement, understanding, or combination, shall be deemed a party to such conspiracy.

Keep in mind that because the State of Michigan, as a corporate entity, is promoting abortions, including tax payer funded abortions, by way of its agents, Governor Whitmer and AG Nessel, there must exist a contract for services rendered, and because an abortion is child abuse, the contract constitutes an illegal contract, thus a violation of MCL 750.152, which states:

Certain contracts illegal wherever made—Every contract, agreement, understanding, and combination declared void and illegal by the first section of this chapter shall be equally void and illegal within this state, whether made and entered into within or without the state.

As a result of these illegal contracts, the corporate entity known as the State of Michigan, along with any and all other State corporate entities, counties, cities, or townships, that aid, promote, or fund abortions and these illegal contracts, are in violation of MCL 750.154 which states:

Violation by corporation forfeits charter—Any corporation now or hereafter organized under the laws of this state, which shall enter into any contract, agreement, understanding or combination declared illegal and criminal by the first section of this chapter, or shall do any act towards or for the purpose of carrying the same into effect in whole or in part, and which shall not within 30 days from the time when this chapter shall take effect, withdraw its assent thereto and repudiate the same and file in the office of the secretary of state such refusal and repudiation under its corporate seal, shall forfeit its charter and all its rights and franchises thereunder.

In addition, the people of Michigan can bring forth legal action in accordance with MCL 750.155 which states:

Quo warranto against offending corporations—It shall be the duty of the attorney general upon his own relation, or upon the relation of any private person, whenever he shall have good reasons to believe that the same can be established by proof, to file an information in the nature of a quo warranto against any corporation offending against any of the provisions of this chapter; and thereupon the same proceedings shall be had as provided by chapter 38 of Act No. 314 of the Public Acts of 1915, being sections 15271 to 15300 inclusive of the Compiled Laws of 1929, relating to proceedings by information in the nature of quo warranto, against corporations offending against any of the provisions of the act or acts creating, altering or renewing such corporations, and in other cases.

To be clear, Quo Warranto defined is: Quo warranto is Latin for “by what warrant” (or authority). A writ of quo warranto is a common law remedy which is used to challenge a person’s right to hold a public or corporate office. A state may also use a quo warranto action to revoke a corporation’s charter. When bringing a petition for writ of quo warranto, individual members of the public have standing as citizens and taxpayers.

In one case from Alabama, the court noted that the writ of quo warranto is “utilized to test whether person may lawfully hold office and the purpose of writ of quo warranto is to ascertain whether office holder is constitutionally and legally authorized to perform any act in, or exercise any functions of, office to which he or she lays claim.”

If the corporate entities of Michigan lose their charters, then any and all contractual agreements become null and void with no force or effect, and they lose their ability to govern, simply put….they’re “FIRED!”

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