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About Those Bricks Being Put Out In Cities For Rioters… Wait Till You See Who Appears To Be Involved (Video)

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Published on: June 3, 2020

OK, so everyone is asking where all the bricks are coming from that organized and paid provocateurs can use to destroy property under the guise of “protesting.”  While there are several instances of these bricks being brought in and dropped off, one interesting video captured two uniformed police officers taking bricks out of the back of a truck in an alleyway.  I do not know what police department they are with nor what their intentions are, but we have had reports out that some police have been orchestrating some of the rioting.


I am unable to authenticate where exactly this is taking place, but it is ironic that they would be doing this in an alleyway, don’t you think?  And the people watching certainly believe they are handling bricks, which are a little fuzzy on the video.

Someone had also claims to have been contacted privately with this message.

Now, that would not be surprising, especially since President Donald Trump has said that he wants to have Antifa designated at a terrorist group.

Here’s more images of bricks being delivered and set up in various locations across the US.

One of the pallets actually had where it came from.

Clearly, these were ordered at and as you can see, look who owns the company.

By the way, it’s interesting who Acme Brick is tied to as well, none other than Bill Gates, who stepped down from Berkshire Hathaway, the company that owns Acme Brick.

Of course, we know it is not just paid provocateurs that are starting these riots.  We recently reported that police officers have been caught engaging in this behavior, and it’s all targeted at a solution…. a police state solution that targets the people of the united States.

In the meantime, there are some police officers who are actually standing with the people in protest of the crimes of other cops.

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