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Activists Demand Exoneration of Hitler-Loving Civil Rights Leader

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Published on: December 5, 2021

The BLM black supremacist push for historical revisionism now extends to all sorts of commutations that’s meant to turn history inside out and prop up assorted arguments and conspiracy theories, like over the murder of Malcolm X, and even right down to exonerating the original Hitler-loving founder of black supremacism in America for defrauding black people.

The living descendants of civil rights leader Marcus Garvey are urging the president to issue a posthumous pardon for Garvey’s 1923 conviction for mail fraud, The Washington Post reported.

In June 1923, Garvey was convicted of mail fraud after Black Star Line, the shipping company he founded, sent out advertisements showing a ship that the company did not yet own but was in the process of buying, according to the Post. He received a $1,000 fine and five-year prison sentence that was later commuted by former President Coolidge.

1. “Civil rights leader” is a nice way of describing a racist fraud who was a fan of Hitler.

Garvey, an early black nationalist, had met with KKK leaders to undermine the NAACP. “Between the Klu Klux Klan and the NAACP group, give me the Klan,” he had said. “You may call me a Klansman if you will,” he had added.

“We were the first Fascists,” Garvey boasted. He also contended that, “Mussolini and Hitler copied the programme of the UNIA.”

Marcus Garvey urged his followers to read Mein Kampf. “What the Negro needs is a Hitler,” he declared.

“Hats off to Hitler the German Nazi,” cheered the national hero of Jamaica.

The same folks who push the 1619 Project have zero interest in discussing the basic racist history of their own movement.

2. The Black Star Line was a fraud, as was amply documented at the time by W. E. B. DuBois. Modern sites touting Garvey have to work nearly as hard as the man himself to try and rewrite that history.

Of the staggering losses on the [ship] Yarmouth no hint appears in Mr. Garvey’s glowing speeches concerning the Black Star Line, or in the advertisements in the Negro World, or even in the first annual financial report issued in 1920. . . . No losses whatsoever are recorded there. The Yarmouth is entered at full value and an organization expense of $289,066 is put down as an asset because it is an “organization expense.” It was also recorded: “We have much to be thankful for in that no unfortunate accident has befallen us!”

The Yarmouth made three trips to the West Indies in three years. It was then docked for repairs. This bill was apparently not paid. . . . [For in December 1921] the first boat of the Black Star Line . . . was sold by U. S. Marshall . . . for $1,625.

The [steamer] Kanawha was listed in the Black Star report as worth $75,359. Garvey swore that he paid $60,000 for it. It was apparently bought to do a small carrying trade between the West Indian Islands. The Kanawha left New York about Easter time 1921 and sailed for Cuba and the West Indies. Garvey testified [in court] that she with another ship “was repaired in drydock and sailed from here; she broke down between Cuba and the Virginia Coast and we had to tow her back to New York. We had to spend seventy or eighty thousand dollars on that boat.” The Negro World announced that this boat “arrived in Cuba in a blaze of glory, April 16.”

[But] according to the New York Evening World, the boat was held up in Cuba because of boiler troubles, although several thousand dollars had been recently spent on new boilers. Finally she was tied up in Santiago de Cuba and the United States Government brought the crew back. The boat itself has never reappeared.

The Shadyside was listed by the Black Star Line as worth $35,000. It did a small excursion business up the Hudson during one summer. In March, 1921, the Shadyside lay on the beach beside North River at the foot of 157th Street and was in a hopeless condition, quite beyond repair.

The three first boats of the Garvey fleet disappeared and if the Black Star’s own figures and Mr. Garvey’s statements of losses are true, this involves a total disappearance of at least $630,000 of the hard-earned savings of colored folk.

Garvey’s business ventures went almost as well as the Nation of Islam’s enterprises. No coincidence there.

Considering the current political atmosphere, it’ll cost nothing to pretend that Garvey didn’t defraud black people. It costs even less to pretend that he wasn’t a Nazi sympathizer.

He called for a resolution introduced by Rep. Yvette Clark (D-N.Y.) earlier this year to exonerate the Black nationalist of his mail fraud to be passed “with bipartisan support as all who stand for freedom and democracy should want the wrongs done Mr. Garvey reversed.”

Garvey wasn’t a fan of either freedom or democracy. But neither are his modern supporters.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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