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The Adultery Machine

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Published on: January 16, 2015

It’s good to be back with you and into this New Year, the Year of our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, 2015. A friend of mine wrote a piece about the Supreme Court’s decisions last year, decisions that furthered the loss of liberty in our land. It was sad to read, but a powerful reminder of the greater destruction of our land, which that Court has engaged in not just for the past year but actually the past 58 years. Since 1947 they have been taking a wrecking ball to the very foundations of our civilization. This morning, as we continue our study of the Seventh Commandment, I hope to show the corrosive nature of that destruction and its remedy.

The Supreme Court has sold our land down the river. What is their agenda? I believe they are serving their master, the devil, and the will of their master they do indeed. Let’s take a look at one example, No Fault Divorce.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

“Destroy the Family and you destroy society.” (V. I. Lenin). One commentator has written, “no-fault divorce was invented by the Bolsheviks in 1918. The Bolsheviks destroyed the old bourgeois notions of the family and the home, and recreated an allegiance to the government. Fifty-one years later the United States began a social experiment with no-fault divorce by California’s passage of the Family Act of 1969.”

The term “no-fault divorce” is misleading. Rather than no-fault divorce, what we have is unilateral divorce. No-fault divorce is the dissolution of a marriage, upon petition to the court by either party, without the requirement of fault on either party. Either party may request and receive the dissolution of the marriage, despite the objections of the other party.

Today, marriage is considered only a contract by most courts and legal scholars. In that view, either party to breach the contract without penalty. If that is the case, there is no legal defense against a petition for dissolution of a marriage under no-fault divorce.

The radical swing from 100% fault-based divorce to 100% unilateral non-binding marriage is a failed social experiment. It is today’s equivalent of Prohibition. Moreover, more than half of all these marriages that end in divorce involve children. Whether these are contested divorces or not, the family court will control the careers, incomes, wealth, debts, and lives of these mothers, fathers, and children until the children are between 18 and 21 years of age.

According to the Americans for Divorce Reform, as the divorce rate soared, so did the number of children involved in divorce. Since in 1972, over one million American children every year have seen their parents divorce. There are over 40 million non-custodial parents and over 50 million children of divorce.

There was for a time much discussion about the protection of marriage, even to the point where President Bush proposed a marriage amendment to the Constitution. Now we’ve swung the other way with wholesale destruction of marriage by redefinition. Marriage will not be protected until we end our failed social experiment with Bolshevik no-fault divorce. The unintended consequence of Prohibition was the rise of organized crime. The (unintended?) consequence of unilateral divorce is the achievement of Lenin’s goal, the destruction of the family.

As a side note, attorneys, who were elected to their state’s legislature, wrote most of today’s divorce laws. When one becomes an attorney, one becomes a member of the Judicial Branch of government, as attorneys are “officers of the court.” The separation of powers doctrine of the Constitution prohibits a member of the Judicial Branch from also being a member of the Legislative Branch. These attorneys were successful in creating a complex network of laws that guaranteed their involvement in our lives.

In 2004, the Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court declared that marriage was no longer an institution in that state. She pointed out that over two-thirds of all litigation in Michigan was divorce related. Our adversarial legal system feeds upon the conflict that is inherent in divorce. The children pay for the conflict and the lawyers profit from it. We cannot protect our children until we end the Communist‘s no-fault divorce and take the profit out of divorce.

How do we restore the foundation of family government that has been destroyed? It begins with each one of us dismantling the adultery machine in our lives and communities. It continues as we fight to restore marriages and families, as we work to build true examples of godly disciples following Jesus Christ. The restoration begins with us, in our own hearts but it does not end there. We must transform our land by making disciples who will also tear down the adultery machine in our land. So that we may obey the commandment of our Lord, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”


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