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After Years Of Protesting Trump’s Policy, Left Silent As Biden Increases Funding For ICE

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Published on: June 10, 2021

One day after Joseph Robinette Biden was sworn in as President, TFTP predicted that he would continue the most destructive policies of the Trump administration. We predicted he would bolster the police state — he did. We predicted he would continue the wars and expand the military industrial complex — he has. And, we predicted that he would not end the program of “kids in cages” and defund ICE — he has not — and in fact, he is increasing their funding. 

For people outraged by Trump putting “kids in cages” as part of his crackdown on illegal immigration, Joe Biden is not different. Remember, he was vice president during the Obama administration which aggressively deported more immigrants than Trump and who also put “kids in cages.” In fact, the photos used to first bring attention to kids in cages under Trump, were actually taken during Biden’s tenure as VP.

Biden’s cheerleading team in the mainstream media has been insultingly silent as the kids in cages program has continued under his tenure. As Republicans blame the lack of a wall, they completely ignore the fact that not only is Biden continuing Trump’s immigration policy — he is spending more on it.

As Reason points out:

Biden’s budget proposal calls for appropriating more than $7.99billion in discretionary funding to ICE during the fiscal year that begins on October 1. That’s about $18 million higher than what Congress authorized for the current fiscal year. If implemented as proposed, Biden’s budget would see the federal government spend more on ICE than it did during three of former President Donald Trump’s four years in office—and it represents a 23 percent increase over the final budget overseen by former President Barack Obama.

In short, Biden’s budget locks in the Trump-era surge in funding for ICE—a surge that caused significant outrage on the political left, as the protesters at Biden’s April speech evince.

According to the report, the increase in budget would serve to hire 100 more attorneys and staffers to “address the backlog of immigration cases.”

As Reason points out, however, the number of ICE agents in “Enforcement and Removal Operations,” still make up the largest portion of the entire agencies budget. 

Not surprisingly, the establishment right is still playing their role in demonizing Biden for “defunding ICE” or “abolishing ICE” when he is doing the exact opposite.

This move by the Biden administration to use smoke and mirrors to convince his base that change is happening is not uncommon. In fact, as we reported earlier this year, though he stopped construction of Trump’s easily scalable border wall, his administration is planning something far worse.

Earlier this year, TFTP reported on how Joe Biden picked up where Donald Trump left off in regard to the border wall. While he doesn’t plan on constructing a physical wall, Biden’s plan is far more sinister and will deploy AI technology to create a “smart wall” akin to something out of a dystopian science fiction movie.

The smart wall will not be as obvious and physically offensive as an actual wall, but aerial drones, infrared cameras, motion sensors, radar, facial recognition, and artificial intelligence is far more ominous than steal and bricks. According to the Nation:

These implements have the veneer of scientific impartiality and rarely produce contentious imagery, which makes them both palatable to a broadly apathetic public and insidiously dangerous.

Unlike a border wall, an advanced virtual “border” doesn’t just exist along the demarcation dividing countries. It extends hundreds of miles inland along the “Constitution-free zone” of enhanced Border Patrol authority. It’s in private property and along domestic roadways. It’s at airports, where the government is ready to roll out a facial recognition system with no age limit that includes travelers on domestic flights that never cross a border.

A frontline Customs and Border Protection officer, who asked not to be identified as they were not authorized to speak publicly, told The Nation that they had concerns about the growth of this technology, especially with the agency “expanding its capabilities and training its armed personnel to act as a federal police.” These capabilities were showcased this summer when CBP agents joined other often-unidentified federal forces in cities with Black Lives Matter protests. The deployments included the use of ground and aerial surveillance tech, including drones, as first reported by The Nation.

This sort of mission creep illustrates the folly in complacency over the use of advanced surveillance tech on the grounds that it is for “border enforcement.” It is always easier to add to the list of acceptable data uses than it is to limit them, largely owing to our security paranoia where any risk is unacceptable.

One of the most minacious aspects of this smart wall is that it will extend the police and surveillance state tactics used at airports — around the entire country. Imagine you are checking into a flight at an airport, excited to go on vacation but when you attempt to get your ticket, you are told you cannot fly. Suddenly, you are surrounded by security and hauled off for questioning. You have committed no crime and you have no recourse to ask why you cannot fly. This happens every day in this country as Homeland Security enforces the unconstitutional No Fly List.

But fret not woke liberals, under Biden’s plan, kids will be put in cages by folks wearing LGBTQ arm bands and using proper pronouns thereby correcting the horrible policy Trump carried out for years.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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