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AL Senate Candidate Roy Moore Blasts Fed Involvement in Education: “Parents Know Best How to Educate Their Children”

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Published on: September 6, 2017

Editor’s Note:  I’ve been saying this for decades.  This is an area where parents already have the freedom to teach their own children, and if not, I’ve outlined how to do that, plus you can start for free by clicking here.
This weekend, limited government conservatives found another reason to cheer, and to throw their support behind Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore.

In a video Moore posted to Twitter, the candidate argues that the time has come to end the federal government’s involvement in education.

“Education has always been in the purview of the parent. They know best how to educate their children. The states have various forms of education, but the federal government has no involvement in education under the Constitution.”

Moore is up against current Senator Luther Strange (R-AL) who was appointed (not elected) by the disgraced former Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley. While Strange isn’t a traditional incumbent, he has the full support of the GOP establishment who have poured millions into his primary campaign against Judge Moore and Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL). In the first round of primary voting, Judge Moore dominated and won 40% of the vote, Strange won 33%, and Rep. Brooks won 20%. Both Brooks and Moore ran as conservative outsiders and both men are more popular than Strange in the state of Alabama. This means that Moore continues to have the upper hand as we move to the next round of primary voting which will pit Moore one-on-one against Strange.

This likely confrontation could be why Judge Moore feels the need to continue laying out his agenda as the next round of primary voting nears. He is attempting to make clear the very distinct difference between himself and Senator Strange.

Judge Moore explained that education should be one of the most important things we discuss as a people, because as his father taught him “the one thing no one can take from you, is your education.” Moore continued, “If you become educated, they may criticize your techniques, your motives, or whatever, but they can’t say that you’re not thoughtful enough to think about them.” Moore added that while education should be of utmost importance to us as a nation he doesn’t “think we’re doing it right in our country.”

Moore on the Common Core:

The federal government should have no involvement in education. Common Core is an example of an attempt to indoctrinate our children with ideas that most people – at least in Alabama – don’t agree with. And yet it’s pushed on us by using our own tax money to buy our children over. And I think that’s very wrong. I oppose Common Core…it’s a very bad thing…and I think it should be stopped in Alabama.

Moore reminding voters that conservatives have long championed ending the federal governments role in education:

I would have no problem with it being turned back to the states. I think the competition between the states is good, and I think they will improve their educational systems. And I think it they can use their own money for their educational system, they can give tax credits, they can give charter schools, they can give Christian organizations at schools. There’s many different forms of education, and I think we got to instill in the students the willingness and the “want to,” if you will, to become educated.

If Moore does win his election fight, he won’t be alone in his attempts at returning the nation to federalism on the topic of education.

The state of Utah has already passed a resolution arguing that the federal government should get out of the way of states as they try to educate their children.

The Utah state legislature has passed a joint resolution calling for a return to federalism in general, and, in particular, the end of the federal Education Department.

The measure passed the Utah State House with a vote of 60-14, and the State Senate, 20-1. It was enrolled on March 17.

State Rep. Ken Ivory sponsored HJR 017, titled “Joint Resolution to Restore the Division of Governmental Responsibilities Between the National Government and the States.” The resolution “urges the President of the United States and Congress to recognize state authority and take action to restore power to the states.”

The resolution “encourages other states to join with the state of Utah in documenting issues of federal overreach.”

And other national leaders have also spoken out on the subject:

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) is a fan of abolishing the Department of Education.

Rep. David Rouzer (R-NC) introduced another measure in March that would see the department of education dismantled and the billions of dollars in funding redirected to other projects.

Ending federal control of public education could be a huge boon for future generations. Could the GOP actually get this done? Could they actually shrink the government?
I won’t hold my breath but I sure would love to see them get this done.

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