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Alabama Attorney Win Johnson to Governing Officials: Resist Federal Tyranny

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Published on: July 4, 2015

It is an understanding and interpretation of the law that is older than the New Testament.  It is at least as old as the Ten Commandments.  It is the understanding that Law is not Law if it contradicts the Law of God.  In fact, the word “tyranny,” derives from a word in the Greek that means a godless law.  So, when we see the Church has abandoned the Law of God, then society soon follows suit.  However, one Alabama lawyer could not remain silent as tyranny rules the day.

Christian News reports:

An attorney who works for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has penned a letter to government officials throughout the state, urging them to take a stand for Christ in light last week’s Supreme Court ruling declaring that same-sex “marriage” must be legalized in all 50 states.

The attorney echoes Paul from Roman 13 as he appeals to his state officials.

Christian News reports:

“Public officials are ministers of God assigned the duty of punishing the wicked and protecting the righteous,” Win Johnson wrote in a letter sent to Gov. Robert Bentley and other civil magistrates.

It is a point that all Christians in our day seem to have forgotten, almost without exception.  We have become an Americanized Church.  We believe in the red, white, and blue as much as the risen Christ.  Though I love our country, we have to return to the understanding of our forefathers.  Jesus is the ruler of the nations.

“The U.S. Supreme Court, although it claims to have done so in 2003, cannot take something that God calls a crime (sodomy) and declare it not a crime,” Johnson said. “We’re facing something even worse now, the civil government taking a new step and actually requiring the approval and sanctifying by the state of an evil behavior.”

“Public official, what will you do?” he asked. “Will you stand up for the law of Alabama, for the people, for the weak and vulnerable, for the law of God? Or will you capitulate? Will you become complicit in the takeover by the wicked?”

Win points out the fact that we have failed to recognize where our true allegiance mush reside.  We, as Christians, must stand with Christ first.  We cannot claim that we love God while approving sin.  It is no longer a matter of whether we allow it in our society.  We are now faced with the option of standing against this wickedness and this wicked ruling, or being complicit in the wickedness.  We will be forced to be outlaws or to agree, these will be our only options.

Christian News reports:

“Don’t use the Nazi war-crimes trial defense: ‘My superiors (or the courts) told me to do it.’ You’re not standing for the rule of law when you capitulate to a law that defies God and exposes people to the wicked,” Johnson continued. “You’re just a coward making excuses!”

Will the governing officials show that they are true men and women of virtue?  Will they show that they have their office as a means to better the lives and protect the people of their state?  Will they be no more than spineless naysayers who whine while capitulating to the wicked?  It seems that Win has called these governing authorities to the mat.

“[W]ill your conscience cause you to resign?” Johnson asked. “Why would you leave the people of this State, their children, your children and grandchildren to the wolves, those who would rend the society apart with their denial of what’s good and evil?”


“On Judgment Day, you won’t stand in front of the media, the advocates of ‘equality,’ or even the federal courts,” Johnson warned. “You’ll stand before the King of Kings, the Judge and Ruler over the Kings of the Earth, Jesus Christ. His law is not subject to the vote of man, and He, as the good and loving author of that law, does not exempt any nation from it.”

May God use Christians such as Win Johnson to resist the tyranny of man’s law.  This Law, which Johnson references, is the topic of my book, An Everlasting Covenant.  Get at today.


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