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Alabama Probate Judges Issue Statements of Refusal, Say They Will Uphold State Constitution

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Published on: February 10, 2015

I doubt that there were many who would have believed that any of the judges would listen. Maybe one or two, but never would any think that there would be such a response. I am sure that some thought Justice Moore would back down. Maybe the Governor would cave to federal pressure. But here we are, and it seems that Alabama has stood her ground—or, at least most of her has. is reporting:

Now, at least five probate judges in the state are vowing to uphold the Alabama Constitution and refuse to take part in same-sex nuptials.

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This is what these judges had to say concerning the federal ruling and the issuing of marriage license to Sodomites.

“[T]he undersigned probate judge will continue to abide by his oath of office as supported by his constituents and guided by the Alabama Supreme Court, and will only issue marriage licenses and solemnize ceremonies consistent with Alabama law and the U.S. Constitution; namely, between one man and one woman only, so help me God,” wrote Washington County Probate Judge Nick Williams in a statement on Friday.

Clarke County Probate Judge Valerie Davis has promised the same.

“I do not think I am required to compromise my religious beliefs to be probate judge. Alabama law does not mandate me to issue marriage licenses to anyone of any gender.”

Chilton County Judge Bobby Martin told reporters that while he will issue licenses, he will not officiate ceremonies.

“I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and because of that, I will not perform a ceremony for a couple that doesn’t fit in that criteria.”

Elmore County Probate Judge John Enslen said that he will likewise issue licenses, but is removing himself entirely from the wedding business.

“I’m not required to do that. Some judges will choose to continue performing marriages and they can continue to do that.”

In an opinion piece written last month, Enslen stated that homosexual behavior is “repugnant and repulsive to God.”

“In other words, I believe Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for just such unnatural conduct between the same sexes.”

This is good news for those opposed to Sodomite Marriage and those who support states’ rights. Yet, it seems that this is not the end because, even though Justice Moore set a prohibition to probate judges that read, “Effective immediately, no probate judge of the State of Alabama nor any agent or employee of any Alabama probate judge shall issue or recognize a marriage license that is inconsistent with Article 1, Section 36.03, of the Alabama Constitution or § 30-1-19, Ala. Code 1975,” there was at least one judge who was quick to issue marriage licenses.

Fox News reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday morning that it wouldn’t stop the marriages from beginning in the state, and shortly after, Jefferson County probate Judge Alan King issued several licenses.

Now we are left to wonder what, if anything, Justice Moore will do. This may turn into a long, drawn-out fight–one that seems to be constitutionally on the side of Moore–but that means little in our day.

May God have mercy on Alabama and her leaders. May he give them the strength to stand for truth.



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