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Alan Dershowitz Calls For Commission On 2016 Election

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Published on: May 24, 2018

It’s been 18 months since the 2016 presidential election that resulted in Donald J. Trump becoming the 45th President of the united States of America.  Since then, Hillary Clinton has relayed at least a dozen reasons why she lost the election;  although, none include her communist, fascist, socialist, Marxist, anti-constitutional platform as a reason for losing.  And, the lamestream enemedia has continued to peddle the “Trump/Russian collusion” narrative, as well as other incidences arising with Mueller’s investigation, without any solid, verifiable evidence to prove the theory of collusion between Trump and Russia.  However, the Hillary State Department’s “pay to play” scandal involving Russia and Uranium One that resulted in Russia gaining access to 20 % of US uranium has rarely been mentioned by either the corporate media or Mueller.

Now,  Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz indicated the only way to discover the truth behind the 2016 election is to convene an independent commission, like the 9/11 commission, to investigate it.

Speaking on Fox News’ Fox and Friends, Dershowitz stated, after voicing concern for the united States, “From day one, I said no special counsel, no finger pointing, no criminal prosecution.  Let’s have an independent, nonpartisan commission looking into this election … the only way to get to the truth is an independent, 9/11 type commission.”

Does anyone really think US citizens received the “truth” in the 9/11 commission report?  Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are calling for a new investigation of the events of 9/11 because the official explanation of the failures denies known scientific methods, including the heat from the fires being insufficient to melt steel.  Pilots for 9/11 Truth do not accept the 9/11 commission report because it was a commission set up to fail according to the chairman himself.  So, along with these two groups, firefighters, medical professionals, lawyers, scholars and a host of others reject the findings of the 9/11 commission, which basically peddled the government or official narrative.  Are US citizens confident in any commission, touted as independent and nonpartisan, selected by government officials to uncover the truth surrounding the 2016 election?

Funny, Dershowitz doesn’t mention the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Interestingly enough, a member of the panel of the Warren Commission worried he was a victim of a massive cover-up, according to Philip Shenon writing for Politico in 2015.   Shenon interviewed David Slawson, a young lawyer working on the conspiracy possibility surrounding the assassination of JFK.  Slawson expressed shock at the amount of information hidden from the commission by the CIA and other government agencies.

Like the 9/11 commission, doubts still linger on the Warren Commission report and researchers are still sifting through information as it becomes available on both tragedies.

Dershowitz has suggested no criminal prosecution.  As a law professor emeritus, he should not recommend or entertain the idea of no criminal prosecution if criminal activity surfaces.  Criminal activity, regardless of who commits it, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Newsmax continued with Dershowitz’s comments on Fox and Friends.

The 2016 election did not mark the country’s “finest hour,” he added, and whether or not FBI Agent Peter Strzok had a hatred for President Donald Trump or wanted an “insurance policy,” or whether there was cooperation with Russian sources, “we need to get to the truth.’

“We have to prevent it from happening in the future,” said Dershowitz. “This election is a model of what should not happen in the future, and a special counsel is the worst way of getting to the truth.”

There are several committees on Capitol Hill running investigations and trying to obtain documents from the Department of Justice, but Dershowitz said Americans do not trust such committees, as they are party-based.

“Nobody asks the question what’s good for Americans,” he said. “You need a nonpartisan commission of experts, people who really can dig into this. People who really have experience and who don’t have an agenda.”

Citizens of this republic do not trust committees formed by Congress and government for many reasons – one is they are party based;  and, two surrounds the committees in both chambers of Congress being “dog and pony shows.”  Despite the numerous committees charged with oversight and investigations, not one of those committees have produced any evidence that the Department of Justice could use to prosecute any individual, political or otherwise, for a crime.  How long has Eric Holder been held in contempt of Congress with impunity?

There is not one individual in Washington, DC, who knows anyone that does not have an agenda;  therefore, there is little expectation of getting an independent, nonpartisan committee.  If by some off the wall chance an independent, nonpartisan committee was formed, relying on government departments and agencies to provide the documentation, without redaction, that was factual and truthful would be like waiting for rain in the Sahara desert.  After all, NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, fell short of a detailed account of all three building collapses on 9/11.

Newsmax continued:

Meanwhile, Trump can declassify documents, including those concerning a potential informer in his campaign, said Dershowitz.

“This stuff here doesn’t reveal the name of the informer,” he said. “You know, that’s often the way in which the Justice Department hides what they have done.”

Isn’t it typical of the US government these days to engage in unconstitutional, lawless, unjust, unethical and immoral practice?  And, the way the departments and department heads under the executive have repeatedly and openly defied the president and his administration doesn’t invoke any confidence that any of Trump’s orders to declassify documents would result in anything but more obfuscation, lies, deceit, and lawlessness.

While the media and Dershowitz are focused on the 2016 election, particularly Mueller’s investigation into the theory of Trump/Russian collusion and the continued rhetoric of Russian interference into the election, all have ignored significant evidence pointing to the previous administration, Hillary Clinton and the DNC regarding election irregularities.  Three States – Georgia, Indiana and Idaho – claimed the Department of Homeland Security, under the Hussein Soetoro administration, attempted to gain access to these States’ electoral systems.  Georgia Secretary of State at the time, Brian Kemp, claimed DHS attempted to intimidate him with these scans before he publicly opposed the Soetoro administration’s classifying election systems as critical infrastructure.  In fact, the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) declared in a two-page briefing the November 2016 election was not hacked.

The DNC ignored the will of the Democrat voters when it awarded the nomination to Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders. Former DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz employed the Awan brothers who engaged in unauthorized access of the House computer system.  The infamous Hillary Clinton unauthorized server, which was hacked numerous times, exposed classified information to unauthorized individuals in violation of the law.  Moreover, she destroyed communications that were government related when she was Secretary of State, had an IT specialist use BleachBit to erase information on the hard drive that was part of government records, and engaged in a cover-up of the entire extent of the server’s use.

Is there not enough evidence to show there was no issue with foreign nation hacking, read Russia interference, in the 2016 elections?  While the Democrats have repeatedly accused the Trump administration of colluding with the Russians and Russians of hacking the election system, it appears the Democrats manipulated elections to secure Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.  It appears Hillary Clinton engaged with the Russians in a “pay to play” scheme involving Uranium One and US uranium ore using the Clinton Foundation.  It was employees of the DNC who engaged in unauthorized access to House computers.

And, what about the FBI planting an informant inside the Trump campaign, which some believe is Stefan Halper?  As we all know, Hussein Soetoro was executive during the 2016 election campaigns and James Comey was the FBI Director.  The discovery of text messages and emails between subversives Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, along with Andrew McCabe, suggest there was a plan in the intelligence community to thwart the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton should Donald Trump emerge as the more popular candidate.  How many members of the Electoral College were threatened with harm if they cast a vote for Trump?

And, last in this list, but not last in the list of scandals and crimes, is the leaking of debate questions to Hillary Clinton by Donna Brazile.

Americans deserve the transparency to know what all happened during the 2016 election campaigns and the election cycle.  It would require an investigation of both Democrats and Republicans, as well as each of the individuals campaigning for the party nomination to determine the extent of meddling, who was meddling, and if the outcome of the election would have been altered because of it.  Based on the commissions formed in the past, Warren and 9/11, the American people are not going to receive the facts or the truth.  We will receive only the official “story” that has been peddled through the media, since the media is responsible for propaganda and brainwashing of the gullible public.  It makes a commission moot.

The entire rhetoric on Trump/Russian collusion has been brought forth by unseen, unnamed members of the “intelligence community,” which could be one or all of the more than one dozen agencies within the federal government, seized upon and continued by Democrats to hide their criminal actions, and to foment division among the people by inciting the fringe anti-constitutional elements to subversion and insurrection, while traitors of the American people continue to operate inside the government to undermine our republic.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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