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Alan Keyes & Publius Huldah Connect The Dots On The USMCA, An Article V Convention, North American Union & Gun Confiscation (Video)

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Published on: December 13, 2019

In the middle of November, I had constitutional scholar Publius Huldah on my radio show to discuss how red flag laws, the USMCA and those promoting an Article V convention are leading America on a road to tyranny.  Recently, Dr. Alan Keyes had PH on as his guest on his show Let’s Talk America to discuss this very issue.

While some really believe that an Article V convention is going to stop criminal politicians who are already ignoring their oath of office and violating the words of the Constitution.

They believe the way to stop tyrants is to write more words, which will, of course, be trampled upon again.

However, the one thing they ignore is the fact that America is on her second Constitution because of a Constitutional Convention, in which the previous ratification process contained in the Articles of Confederation was ignored in favor of what we have enshrined in Article VII of our newest Constitution.

With that said, take if you are a proponent of the USMCA, which is far worse than NAFTA, the North American Union, red flag laws or and Article V Convention, I urge you to simply stop and listen to what is presented to you in this video, and the one that follows.

Consider the ramifications if you are wrong in your zeal to do what you think is right.

Take a look.

Here’s my interview with PH on the same subject.

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