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All Over France, The People Clash With Police As They Take To The Streets In Defiance of Tyrannical New Mandatory COVID “Vaccine” Mandates (Video)

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Published on: July 15, 2021

Demonstrating that the world is waking up to the genocide agenda that is upon them, the people of France are taking to the streets to impose new tyrannical mandatory experimental injection mandates.

Brian Shilhavy has the story at Health Impact News.

As we reported on Monday, France President Emmanuel Macon announced new COVID measures that included mandatory COVID vaccines for health workers, a “health pass” to access the cinema, trains, restaurants as well as in hospitals, retirement homes, medical and social establishments, but also in planes, trains and buses for long trips, curfews, and even “pension reform” where people will “have to work longer and retire later.”

Today was Bastille Day in France, and many people took to the streets to protest, and many clashed with police. Here are some of the videos appearing on Twitter.

Check out these videos of the people protesting the infringement of their rights with the threat of a death jab.

Again, be aware of provocateurs in your midst. Mark them. Call them out so that they do not divide you, and keep your eye on the real enemies of your liberty!

Finally, police who oppose the people’s liberty and follow the dictates of criminal politicians are no better and deserve no pity in this matter either. Those who choose the side of criminals deserve to be dealt with in the same manner as the criminals.

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