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Alyssa Milano Gets Schooled On Twitter About Pro-Life & Justice

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Published on: July 27, 2019

It’s amazing how anti-constitutionalists and those who reject Christ will respond on Twitter when their posts are challenged.  Such is the case with anti-constitutionalist, Godless, Alyssa Milano.  As Chicks on the Right reported, “this is some liberal pretzel logic folks, ….”

It all started with a “tweet” from current 2020 Democratic Party presidential nominee contender Kamala Harris, who claimed she would take executive action on “reasonable gun safety laws” should Congress fail to infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms in deviance of that right protected and guaranteed in the Second Amendment.

“As president, I will give Congress 100 days to get their act together and pass reasonable gun safety laws.  If they don’t, I will take executive action.  Thoughts and prayers are not enough.  We need action.” – July 25, 2019, Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris.

Alyssa Milano, a huge supporter of infringing upon citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms, responded in support of the dictatorial, authoritarian, tyrannical intentions of Harris should the sitting representative become president.

“No more complacency.  This is what Obama should have done after Sandy Hook when 20 children and 6 adults were murdered violently.  Thank you, @KamalaHarris.  Thank you.” – July 25, 2019, Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano.

Milano received a pointed reply with which she took issue.  In response to Milano’s tweet, Cocolano @Cocolano 1 responded, “Murdered like ya PLANNED PARENTHOOD?  Murdered like THAT?  Is that what you mean?”

Unsurprisingly, Milano fired back, losing a bit of sanity in the process.

“Your administration just reinstated the death penalty and scheduled 5 executions of *actual* people.  You’ve lost the right to pull your, “pro-life” narrative-talking-point-******** with me.”

Chicks on the Right explains, “There’s a LOT going on here” and explains.

1- unborn people are *actual* people. How are murderers *actual* people and unborn babies not? What makes you an *actual* person?
2- unborn people haven’t MURDERED anyone, therefore do not deserve PUNISHMENT
3- how is it hard to grasp we believe in giving EVERY HUMAN A CHANCE? Murderers blew theirs. Unborn babies did not.
4- if killing murderers is wrong, can she not admit that maybe, juuuust maybe, killing innocent babies could be wrong? Maybe?

Never fear, Allie Beth Stuckey @conservmillen set Milano straight, almost.

“Let’s all get something straight here. It’s not hypocritical to believe murderers should get the death penalty and unborn babies shouldn’t. It is hypocritical to believe murderers shouldn’t get the death penalty but unborn babies should.”

There’s a lot of truth being stated here, but the reason why this is truth is left unstated.  The truth is God and Jesus Christ.  One of God’s commandments is “you shall not murder,” Exodus 20:13, ESV.  And, numerous verses indicate the punishment for murder is death after due process.  So, when exacting the death penalty against those who have committed the act of murder, it is upholding what God has determined is the penalty.  It is upholding God’s law.  Remember, Jesus Christ did not come to abolish the law or prophets but to fulfill them.

So, what act have babies in the womb committed that would cause these little ones to suffer the penalty of death?  Nothing.  Unfortunately, murder is being committed upon these innocents in a diabolical way for diabolical reasons;  and, the evil of man is pushing evermore diabolical possibilities in murdering innocent babies while extending amnesty to those involved.  Therefore, it is not hypocritical, as Allie Beth Stuckey explains to Milano, to support murderers receive the punishment for their acts commanded by God and unborn babies should be saved from murder, which is a crime against God and man.  It is biblical to call for those who participate in the murder of innocent babies to be held accountable to God’s law and for those upon a guilty conviction of murder to be subject to God’s law.

The hypocrisy lies in claiming that murderers should be spared from the penalty God prescribed for their transgressions while supporting the murder of innocent babies in the womb, during birth or after birth – a violation of God’s commandments.  It has become the fallacy of anti-constitutionalists, the God-less, and rejectors of God and Christ that man and those in government know better than God.  Look around and see what that has gotten a nation built upon Christian values and principles.

In this short Twitter exchange, it is apparent that those like Harris and Milano would not hesitate to violate God’s law by refuting God’s punishment for murderers, condoning murder of innocents, and denying the right to defend oneself, not only against criminals, but from an authoritarian, dictatorial, despotic, tyrannical, freedom-killing government.

Milano is only mad because someone highlighted her hypocrisy and pegged Planned Parenthood, the number one baby murder mill existing in the united States.  Milano blasts the government for adhering to God’s law while trying to claim that those who are pro-life should be pro-life for convicted murderers.  But, Milano misses the point and never will understand it because she is a Godless, angry, anti-constitutionalist woman.  She cannot see the truth because she denies truth.  This woman is truly in need of the gift of God and Jesus Christ.

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