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Alyssa Milano Releases “Gun Safety Bill Of Rights” Claiming A Right To “Equal Protection From Gun Violence”

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Published on: May 7, 2018

I sometimes wonder where people left their brains and good sense at when I read about stories like that of Alyssa Milano.  The once cute child actress who co-starred with Tony Danza on “Who’s the Boss?” has released a “Gun Safety Bill of Rights” in which she claims people have the right to “equal protection from gun violence.”

The 45-year-old actress tweeted out the document on Saturday.

I clearly reads more like the Communist Manifesto than the Bill of Rights.

“The right of all of us, including those of all races, religions, classes, creeds, gender identities, sexual identities, abilities, ages, and locations to equal protection from gun violence,” reads the first section.

Just how does one ensure that not a single person around them has a gun with no intention of committing violence with it?  How can it be a right when it can’t even be a reality?  The simple answer is it can’t.  Perhaps too many years of acting in fantasy land have warped people like Milano’s thinking.  They never have to live in the real world, so they just think it’s like a bad movie and you can just rewrite the script.

She added, “the right of all of our children to live free of gun violence — and to attend gun-free schools.”

Well, look what that gets you Alyssa, a school full of dead kids.  That’s what Alyssa and her crowd are actually promoting even though they say otherwise.

If you want to put an end to gun violence at schools, first start promoting Christian morality and second get rid of the moronic “gun-free schools” nonsense.  After all, does Alyssa Milano and her friends not understand that is already a reality for schools?  Hello?

She didn’t mention Parkland or Sandy Hook or any other school, but at every school where these shootings have occurred they have been deemed “gun free zones.”  Milano is just too much of hypocrite and big government sponsor to admit she is just completely wrong on the issue here and that her solution is nothing more than piling on to the existing problems when government starts usurping the authority and starts pretending to legislate against the rights of the people.

She also takes a shot at the National Rifle Association by saying they are “armed with extraordinary power and political influence.”

Well, they are indeed, but we have a history in which that power and influence have also compromised the rights of law-abiding gun owners, as well as sustained those rights.

Milano ends her manifesto by stating, “We demand ongoing legislative efforts which uphold the rights stated herein until the scourge of gun violence is ended in America for all who call her home.”

Well, keep demanding, Alyssa.  Keep demanding the infringement of law-abiding Americans’ constitutionally protected rights to keep and bear arms while promoting your fictitious and non-existent “right” to be free of gun violence.

While people do have the right to life, the fact of the matter is that there are lawbreakers in our midst.  We already have laws against murder.  So, instead of attacking the Constitution, the Second Amendment and the real “We the People” that they were designed to protect, perhaps Milano would serve America and those she claims to care about best by promoting Justice against criminals, namely the death penalty for those engaging in premeditated murder, as well as other violent crimes, whether a gun is used or not.

I doubt we’ll see such a  movement from Milano or her gun confiscation Marxists.

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