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Amber Cornwell is One of Millions of Reasons Bradlee Dean’s Message is needed among America’s Youth

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Published on: December 31, 2014

Bradlee Dean is known for taking his message of the history of America and the Word of God into America’s public indoctrination centers (public schools). However, there may be many that question the relevance of his message in public schools. The recent suicide of 16-year-old Amber Cornwell of North Carolina demonstrates the need for the Sons of Liberty Radio host’s voice to speak the words of life to the young people in the United States.

Amber was a beautiful young woman. She was an honor student, tennis player, dancer and member of the All County Chorus, but that wasn’t enough.

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Amber was bullied at school.

According to her friend Sierra Crochet it as the bullying that forced Amber to take her own life.

“They were just calling her names,” Crochet told WLOS. “And called her names and said she had no future and had nothing going for her.”

“They were really mean, they’d say stuff to her face, behind her back,” close friend Stephanie Hernandez recalls. “They’d message her on Facebook.”

Amber’s final post on Facebook, prior to hanging herself, asked if she died that night, “Would anyone cry?”

“I’ve been crying for days now,” said Crochet. “She put something on Facebook that said, ‘if I die tonight, would anyone cry?’ I want her to know, yeah I’m crying. My heart is broken.”

Her parents found her body the next morning. That was the Saturday before Christmas. She was laid to rest the day after Christmas.

Hernandez says that the bullies may have shed a fear tears over Amber’s death, but she said she didn’t “think they’ve learned anything.”

Bradlee has been in over 350 schools across the United States using the platform of US history and the Constitution to communicate the truth of Scripture, the law of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to students who are, as he says, “being subjected to everything and protected from nothing.”

While radical sodomites like Dan Savage utilize public funds to take his anti-bully message (which is really a well-orchestrated pro-sodomy message) into America’s schools and blast Christianity and the morality portrayed in the Bible, Bradlee takes the message of law and grace to those most in need of such a message.

Dean’s “My War” documentary, which exposes what is taking place in America’s public schools, has been viewed by millions of people and is currently being aired on Dove TV.

As 2015 begins, Dean is gearing up to go back into America’s high schools and bring the message of hope to the youth of our land. Having put on several high school assemblies following a student’s suicide, his heart for the students is to give them the truth.

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem,” Dean told Sons of Liberty Media. “The kids are being told a lie and they are waiting on a promise that never comes. I give them the truth because I love them.”

Dean also believes that the majority of the older generation don’t care about the younger generation and it shows in their lack of love for them.

I’ve personally seen how the older generation will get together and do a lot of talking about how they can get Bradlee into a school, often without any resolve. Yet, they won’t invite kids in their neighborhood or from their church over to their own homes to talk and hangout with them.

Jesus loved people enough to go into their midst. He went in their homes. He confronted their sin. He sought out the lost sheep and saved them and He’s still doing it today through His Church, but the question I have is, is He doing it through you? Are you reaching out to the younger generation and bringing them to the truth, or are you too busy watching grown men in tights chase a ball made of pigskin?

If you are in a position to financially help Bradlee and the Sons of Liberty reach the younger generation, click here to become a son or daughter of liberty.

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