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Where Did America Go Wrong, and How to Get Back On Track

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Published on: December 1, 2016

Let’s be honest, despite the best of intentions by Donald Trump, “Draining the Swamp” is not what will “Make America Great Again.” These are campaign slogans that do nothing to reverse the course of decades and decades of moral and spiritual decline within the American culture. Now I have seen many people speculate on the dates, events, people and situations that have contributed to the decline of America, and though I agree with many of these assessments I can’t help but conclude that everyone of these things are nothing more than a symptom of a larger problem. Whether we are talking about our perpetual wars abroad, the corruption in Washington, or the greed of Wall Street they all share one thing in common, which is compromised people are driving it all, and these compromised people are all products of a compromised culture. To truly understand how we have lost our country we have to look at how our value systems have changed over the years.

American Values are Gone

American values used to be synonymous with sacrifice, hardwork, integrity, and honesty. Our success as individuals where measured in how well we could provide for our families, and walk humbly before God and our fellowman. These things were simple and very fulfilling for the vast majority of people within society. These values were reinforced throughout society in our churches, institutions, government, art, television, media and culture almost universally up till the early 1950’s. Then something switched right around the 60’s, and these values began to be overridden with something much more diabolical in nature. It was subtle at first, and then as time went on, it became outright and overt. Our trusted institutions began to supplant these values with a new value system. A value system that worshiped pleasure, greed, and anything of a dark and proactive nature.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was very intentional and strategic as a means to bring about the ruination of our country morally. We went from a society that recoiled at anything with an evil appearance to one that revels and celebrates death, the occult and anything of a profane nature. This was by design for the simple reason that the might, resources and power of the American people was to be co-opted as a engine of global change by the moneyed powers of this earth. But before this co-opting could occur, the public had to be distracted, dumbed-down, re-educated, disempowered , impoverished and demoralized lest there be a major outcry among the citizenry as these changes where forced upon us. 60 some years later, it has come to pass, and the American people and the world at large have paid a tremendous price for our apathy and indifference in the face of such an agenda.

What Needs to Be Done

Here we are, while the left whines and cries for the corrupt Hillary vote recount, the right places all of their trust and hopes in a rich man with no political experience and a authoritarian bent of character. The false hope is epidemic, all of which indicates that the American people themselves are equally as hopeless if they think the solution to American problems resides in the political spheres. Every 4 to 8 years half of the county becomes disenfranchised and despairs, while the other half gloats all the while the things necessary to societal well-being burn to the ground. It is the hallmarks of a truly broken system and a horribly broken people. While we can point fingers and speculate on what political philosophy will lead us back to the promised American Dream what we really need to do is own up to our responsibility in all of this. We have to take a hard look at how we as individuals have allowed and even participated in our own destruction.

Here are 4 things that each one of us needs to do, in order to regain our own power as individuals and only then can we begin to reverse what the globalists have done to our culture.

A Return to Innocence

If we want to restore this country then each one of us needs to personally redefine what is a moral form of entertainment. We must realize what has become an acceptable form of entertainment has had nothing but a a detrimental impact on our society. We must consciously reject anything that doesn’t promote the purity of heart and thought within our own beings, homes, places of work and recreation. Anything less is the participation and cooperation with the very evil that is destroying our culture and souls. All of these forms of vile entertainment are fighting for our attention, meaning our attention is extremely valuable. Why give something so valuable as our attention to something that serves our hearts, minds and society no good. We must make an effort to redefine what is enjoyable, and the marketplace will be forced to readjust itself accordingly to our changing tastes. I know many Christians who have compromised themselves in this way including myself, but the Bible is clear that we do ourselves a great disservice by ingesting the filth with in our culture.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. – Philippians 4:8

A Love for Life and Rejection of the Culture of Death

Our culture has become a culture of death. What we have accepted on our televisions makes us numb to what our government does overseas in wars abroad. How can we say we hate war, and death but spend hours every evening soaking these very things up in the movies and on television. We can’t. This is also why millions of babies are aborted each year and no one bats an eye. We have become so numb to death that war and abortion are just another profit motivated industry with hardly any opposition. If we love life especially human life than it should go without saying that it is worth fighting for and that we must defend it against those that love death. Part of pulling ourselves out of the cycle of decline is to reorient our priorities to one that looks at life in indifference to one that celebrates it as the miracle it truly is. A revaluation of life is a must if we are to reverse our cultural decline. The Bible tells us that life should be so valuable that we are willing to put ourselves in harms way to protect it. This is not contradictory, this is the definition of sacrifice in its purest sense, something we also have lost as a culture.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 1 John 15:13

A Commitment to Principled Living

So many people have no concept of what it means to live a principled life. This means that one can articulate their value systems in a reasoned and well thought out manner, and no matter what stick to those principles in times of turmoil or opposition. We cannot allow the party politics and loyalties to rule over us. We must realize that institutions especially political parties shift like sand and are wholly incapable of holding to a set of moral absolutes. Both republican and democrats are so caught up in partisan thinking and band-wagons they don’t realize that these parties have no standard of truth. These political parties over the course of their history have wavered radically on matters of principle making them a foolish gage of what is right and wrong seeing they continually do evil on both sides. Instead we must insist on a set of moral absolutes, and uncompromisingly hold society and its politics to a set standard. This moral relativity that has taken hold of peoples thinking is wicked and allows for any given number of rationalizations and deceptions to be levied into society. It is our job to dictate what is right according to accepted norms and Biblical teaching. When something our someone proves themselves to be compromised, duplicitous, manipulative and unprincipled it is our job to remove ourselves from such organizations and people. When people act in concert there is tremendous power to do both good and evil, the guiding principles and the adherence to these principles by its members is absolutely necessary to hold civil society together. Never ever give yourself over to party mentality, think for yourself, divine the nature of these institutions and withhold support for anything that has proven itself as being unprincipled in nature.

A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways – James 1:8

Accepting Personal Responsibility

This is something that is lost on our society and has had grave consequences. Whether you are talking about the deadbeat dads or the murderous mothers who abort their babies out of convenience we have lost what it means to accept responsibility for our actions. What is more when it comes to politics or thinking we deflect our own responsibility of divining what is right and acceptable to that of giant institutions to do our thinking for us. The Republicans dictate what is right, or our professors tell us what is right, or Fox news tells us what is right, or the President on and on. No we are responsible for every little thought, action, commitment and allegiance we enter into. When we allow other perceived “experts” to think for us, and rationalize their evil ways we are not absolving ourselves from responsibility, no we are joining them in their evil. The Bible says for us to take personal responsibility for all of our actions, and that the Creator of the universe will personally judge us for what we allow and party with in this life. Take back control of your minds, research, search the scripture, do good, and demand that others do good as well. Anything less gives us exactly what we have now in society and I and millions of others know this to be an unacceptable and unsustainable culture. Take responsibility and demand others to do so, if they won’t then step up and do it for them even if it is hard and inconvenient. Sacrifice is apart of taking responsibility.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good,or whether it be evil. – Ecclesiastes 12: 13-14


We must starve the Beast, we have to realize that sophisticated social engineering campaigns have been levied into our day to day lives. These things have upended American values. If we truly love America then we will stand for the values that America was built on, and those values are without question found in scripture. A defense of our culture and the current climate of decadence and moral ignorance is to defend the value system of the globalists themselves seeing it is they who have worked to re-engineer society into their image. Everything we see, is their value system, and if you say you hate the globalists and love this country then you have to know that what made America great was our common morality. These elitists are wicked, they have utilized their power and money to bring about the downfall of our society. They use deception, ignorance, crisis, and perversity to plunge us all into the state we are in. It is vitally important that we unravel their work, learn to love righteous living, and throw off their corrupted systems as being repugnant to a free society. To fail to do so is to invite destruction on ourselves. We are a sorry lot, but that is because we have allowed our tastes, desires, and ambitions to be shaped by power hungry, and insanely arrogant rich men. Rid yourself of these things, at least on a personal level, recognize that your tastes are not your own, they have been fostered on you. If you truly want to be free, then free yourself from what you know to bear the hallmarks of the enemy, and then gather up the courage to expunge them from our systems of government and learning by any means available to us. Please like our Facebook page and also sign-up for our Newsletter at

In summation if we are truly to make this country great again, then we ourselves must be great from the inside out and that only happens with spiritual revival and the retooling of our own character and values.

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven. Matthew 5:17

Article posted with permission from Wake the Church

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