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America Has Become Arrogant & She Needs a Strong Dose of Humility

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Published on: September 14, 2015

Our country has an arrogance problem. Some may ask what could possibly be wrong with being arrogant, especially a country as wonderful as the USA, what about American exceptional-ism as the talk show hosts like to call it. I believe arrogance can cause a person to brag about their health as their illness kills them. I also believe America is not an exception to this problem even if someone believes in the USA’s exceptional-ism.

Let’s apply it to a controversial issue and see what happens.

Abortion is a very controversial issue. Each side believes they are so right that they just cannot possibly be wrong.

The main question is what if they are wrong? The people that are for abortion claim a baby is not a human.  If Planned Parenthood wants to kill the baby and sell the body parts they do not see anything wrong with it. Hitler made this same argument about Jews, gypsies, and retarded people which made up the 13 million people the Nazis killed. Many of the people that had slaves believed that black people were not human; so, they could buy them sell them and own them like cattle. The United States Supreme Court has previously ruled that black people did not have the same rights as white people and, therefore, could be kept as slaves. The Supreme Court later ruled that unborn babies did not have the same rights as older babies which is why there has been 55 million babies murdered by doctors that are supposed to have taken an oath to “First do no harm.” Now, they are selling the baby’s body parts just as they used to sell the black people, who the Supreme Court claimed could only have rights if their orders gave those black people rights.            

Here is where arrogance is destroying the country as it has destroyed many counties before us. People are human beings, regardless of what anyone believes or how the Supreme Court rules. The problem is not who the Supreme Court decides is human. The problem is that they believe they can decide if someone is human. The arrogance necessary for that line of thinking is staggering. They have refused to ask the most basic question . . . “what if they are wrong?”

I believe they are wrong and I believe that because they are wrong 55 million of the most innocent and vulnerable people in our land have been mutilated and brutally murdered. Many people on the left and the right love to arrogantly look down on the German people that allowed the mass murder and the Americans that allowed slavery and claim it was so obvious that they cannot possibly be excused for allowing it to happen. Those people need to think long and hard about what they have allowed to go on in their own county.

Dietrich Bonheoffer said “Silence in the face of Evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” For me the answer is simple, God decides who is human, not the Supreme Court of the United States. Since God decides who is human, a baby is a human when they are inside their mothers’ womb and should have the same rights they would have outside of their mother’s womb.

The cure for arrogance is a strong dose of humility. I hope the country takes that medicine before they brag themselves to death.

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