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America, Do You Take Advantage of Your Bible?

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Published on: November 1, 2014

Today, we are going to talk about a little 8 year-old girl named Mary who wanted a Bible so much that she did everything she could to get one. However, she could not read or write. Mary’s mom used to take her to hear the Bible at a certain place, but her father was sick, so he could not attend.

Every time her mom took her to hear the Bible, Mary would always sit quietly and listen carefully. However, Mary longed for a Bible of her own, so she started praying to God to open up a school close to where she lived so she could learn how to read and write. She prayed diligently for 2 years until God answered her prayer. A school opened up and Mary learned how to read and write.

A woman 2 miles away from Mary’s home told Mary that since Bibles were so expensive, she would let her read the Bible that she had. Mary walked 2 miles on foot to go read the Word every week. Mary was thankful that she could read the Bible, but she still wanted one of her own so much.

At the age of 10, Mary started praying for a Bible of her own. She knew that if she wanted a Bible, she would not only have to just pray for one, but also save for one.

After six years, she finally saved enough money to purchase her own Bible. Mary walked for over 25 miles by herself on foot to go get a Bible in a town called Bala. She had hard times while she was walking to the place where she was to purchase the Bible. However, she comforted herself by the Bible verses that she had already memorized and recited them aloud while she was walking.

Upon arrival, a pastor took her to the man that she thought would give her a Bible. However, when she got there, he said that he had Bibles, but they were all for other people. When Mary heard this, “She burst into tears.”

The man’s heart was so touched when he saw that she truly wanted a Bible, he grabbed one and gave it to her. Mary was extremely happy and thankful!

Sometime after that, people that had Bibles started to realize that everyone needed to have Bibles around the world. Many people work hard to make sure that this will happen.

This is why we in America need to be so thankful that we have Bibles of our own and not take them for granted. Don’t take advantage of the fact that you have a Bible, because lots of people in the world don’t. If you don’t believe me, just watch the video below. This will, for sure, make you thankful!

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