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American Citizens Put Washington Representatives on Notice of Possible Criminal Indictment

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Published on: January 17, 2015

America is fed up! Not only is she fed up with the current criminal administration, but she is fed up with corrupt representatives in Washington, both Republican and Democrat. This Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, citizens across the country, in several cities, will be showing up at local offices of elected federal representatives to put them on notice of possible indictment (via the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine) if they don’t follow the law. It’s called the “Good Guys Campaign.”

Years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. rallied for the civil rights of people regardless of their skin color. Now, on the day set aside to remember him, Americans in several cities across the fruited plain will push to break the shackles the federal government has unlawfully sought to place on them ever since the War to Enslave the States.

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AmericaAgain! was previously in the news seeking a chief counsel to lead indictments against corrupt politicians in Washington. Now, the organization and its members are teaming together to put representatives on notice that they will be held accountable, not only at the ballot box, but also before the judge’s bench.

According to AmericaAgain! founder David Zuniga, this particular event will be to bring about total surprise, audacious cheer and optimism.

Zuniga told Sons of Liberty Media, “Beginning January 19, We The People turn a page in history, taking up our duty of popular sovereignty over our federal servants and exhibiting our total contempt for mainstream media.”

“No other effort in America has ever allowed a tiny remnant of the people, and the sovereign states at long last, to arrest corrupt federal government with a lawful, peaceful, practical, perpetual mechanism that can become a new way of life,” said Zuniga.  “Moreover, no other people on earth can do this.”

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American citizens in five cities will start off the campaign. San Diego, CA, Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX, New York City, NY, and Mays Landing, NJ will all see AmericaAgain! members addressing their representatives on Monday.

Here are the five representatives that will be addressed on Monday:

  • Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)
  • Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
  • Rep. Scott Peters (D-La Jolla, 52nd District)
  • Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ, 2nd District)
  • Rep. Grace Ming (D-NY, 6th District)

The campaign will run throughout the year until all representatives have had a chance to respond to the notices left for them. The idea is to clean up the corruption and offer representatives a chance to do what they were elected to do and nothing more. Those who agree with the proposals of AmericaAgain! will be labeled as “Good Guys” and those who don’t will be labeled as the bad guys and targeted for indictment.

A formal notice of intent to repossess will be left with each representative which reads:

We The People of the sovereign and united States of America, the ultimate sovereigns of the elected tenant of this office (‘Tenant’), which Tenant is bound by law to serve and obey, hereby give formal notice to Tenant that we intend to repossess the Constitution for the United States of America.

  1. We intend to hold Tenant, our sworn public servant, to the letter of the Constitution.
  2. We will offer to Tenant opportunity to cease aiding and abetting organized crime benefitting industry under the guise of performing legislative duties, by Tenant formally agreeing to join the AmericaAgain! Good Guys roster.
  3. We will offer Tenant immunity from criminal prosecution by formally agreeing to support, co-sponsor, and/or vote for the 20 AmericaAgain! reform laws drafted and sponsored by We The People.
  4. Should Tenant refuse to cooperate, instead continuing to aid and abet violations of the U.S. Constitution in collusion with industry and with corrupt executive and judicial branch servants — We The People intend to pursue multi-count felony indictment in the courts of this Sovereign State against defendant Tenant, via the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine.

Each representative will also receive a letter informing them of the campaign, which you can read here.

AmericaAgain! is also calling on these representatives to sign a public statement of agreement in principle which lists the following:

  • Whereas, the People themselves are the highest governmental authority in America and according to the opening words of the Constitution, the only human power over that law; and
  • Whereas, I have been elected by the sovereign citizens of my State or U.S. congressional district to serve and represent them by obeying and supporting the U.S. Constitution; and
  • Whereas, all three branches of federal government for generations have engaged in violations of that supreme Law of the Land; and
  • Whereas, the People’s failure to enforce that supreme law in no way constrains them from taking up its enforcement at any time they see fit; and
  • Whereas, the criminal courts of the sovereign States of this republic must arrest felony crimes perpetrated by residents of their State – whether perpetrated by omission, commission, negligence, abuse of office, ignorance, or other condition – and must apply such sanctions as will address said conditions of perpetrators; and
  • Whereas, I have no desire to ignore, enable, legitimize, or cover up such crimes committed by Congress, however convenient or cherished the resulting funds may be to the recipients; and
  • Whereas, I am aware that many federal laws affecting industry and regulatory bodies have been, and are, written by operatives to favor the affected industry, and often voted for by legislators who have not considered — or even read — the bill;
  • Therefore, I support in principle the 20 reform laws put forth by AmericaAgain!, publicly asserting my intention to support such laws drafted by the People as presented to me for co-sponsorship, consideration, or vote, and I will make no attempt to amend, attach riders or earmarks to, or impede the expeditious passage of said reform bills through calendar and committee procedures, as that would constitute obstruction of the sovereign right of the People and States to enforce the U.S. Constitution.

There are also twenty legislative reforms that AmericaAgain! wants to see put forward and will be used as bargaining chips against representatives who wish to remain opposed to the people. Among those are a repeal of the 16th and 17th Amendments to the US Constitution.

In case there are those that have questions, AmericaAgain! also provides answers to frequently asked questions about who they are and what their intent is.

While some of the representatives may see this as nothing and cast it aside, others will see the benefit of siding with the people they serve. Zuniga is hopeful that representatives will heed the words that echo those of the prophet Moses when he went on behalf of God and told the Pharaoh of Egypt, “Let my people go!”

“We The People are taking our lives back, our liberty back, our property back from DC organized crime,” Zuniga said.  “We intend to expose ALL of them…on both sides of the aisle…in the White House and in the corrupt SCOTUS…in the deep-captured regulatory agencies…and stupid fake elections and false political crises — even trumped-up war — will not deter us.”

“We The People can now show the world how Americans can defeat government corruption and restore rule of law with a mechanism that is practical, peaceful, and perpetual: law enforcement, at the highest level,” he added.

Zuniga continues, “As the Constitution’s sovereigns, only the People themselves can do this — so AmericaAgain is a perpetual charitable trust and membership organization that aims to right the wrongs of the past 150 years of American history. And with respect to lawful money and banking, we aim to right the wrongs of the past 225 years — specifically, of that snake-in-the-grass, Alexander Hamilton, the Father of Wall Street, and puppet of the House of Rothschild and of British banking interests.”

“AmericaAgain thus operates not under some new-fangled idea, but continues in the honored tradition of 1,000 years of western constitutional history,” he concluded. “This time-honored tradition began with the Compact of Ethelred in 1014 A.D. — the first true constitution wherein a fee people demanded obedience and agreement from a king.  Yes, the tradition continued with the five documents that KrisAnne Hall lectures about — and of course the final two comprise our own primordial law documents under ‘no king, but King Jesus,’ as the original colonists used to say.”

Will you stand with AmericaAgain!? For more on what AmericaAgain! is doing and what they are about, or to join and advance their efforts, visit AmericaAgain!. Also, be sure to read David’s book This Bloodless Liberty, which debunks 10 lies that government uses to transform its sovereigns into serfs and also shows how you can leave politics and join promote real self-government.

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