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American Education’s S.O.S.

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Published on: March 15, 2019

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, today’s article will be a S.O.S. about education. By “Education’s S.O.S.” I mean ‘Education’s Shift of Self’. However, you can associate the “S.O.S.” as the picture suggests, too. What we’ve seen happen in American education’s shift certainly qualifies.

Education’s Sack:

The picture shows us a sack, so I’ll be using a ‘sack’ to hold all the items I’m sharing about the educational shift of self for the remainder of our time together, today.

Shift of Self Items:

Warriors, the biggest shift of self in education has been away from academics for our students of all ages to their inner selves. Call it ‘character education’ or “SEL” (Social and Emotional Learning), it’s all targeting the inner parts of ourselves, not the academics we truly need.

In no particular order or importance the items for the ‘sack’ involve humility, culture, worldview, faith, what we think, what we eat, do we create change, are we tolerant enough, and what life coach we employ to get us through it all.

We’re going to need a big sack, Warriors.

Culture Humility: before this concept was used in education, you could find it in healthcare. Particularly for hospice or palliative care. However, healthcare got the idea from the United Nations and the OECD, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

(original source)

Cultural Humility is also called Cultural Competency, Warriors. What’s culture competence? Basically that I can understand everyone’s language and get along with everyone.
If you’d haven’t seen the 2014 CCSS Culture Competency Research study showing how it’s been embedded in education, go here.

If you’d like to see how I got the fact healthcare got the cultural-itis from the UN/UNESCO, go here.

*Note, the UNESCO reference is to a 2001 declaration mentioned in the second paragraph from the bottom. The footnote link doesn’t work well.) The 2001 Declaration can be seen below and accessed here.)


If you’d like to see and read the CASEL’s Cultural Humility used in classrooms for ‘joy’while at school, go here. Notice that you’ll see SEL, not ‘cultural humility’(*Note: this was created by a WI educator.)

Affirmative Consent: this effort to arm students at a higher level of education has found its way backwards and is showing up in much younger grades. Sometimes called “Yes Means Yes”, it’s all about sexual consent. You’ll find this woven into SEL via sex education (aka: sexuality education), especially the ‘comprehensive’ type.

(original source)
If you’d like the link to the PBS News Hour, visit here. To see the English translation of a Dutch first-grade lesson on sexuality, go here.

Worldview Checkup: Test Your Faith:

This test is offered by and is designed for Christian schools, especially during the high school years. Summit is actually Summit Ministries. Look below and note they are citing the Barna Group as a research source.


, there’s an individual ‘Test Your Faith’ by Summit which is different than the high school choices (above it’s 30 questions or 70). You don’t have to take it, unless you’d like, but I have provided you the topics and results categories given:

  • Who is God?
  • Statements to agree/disagree about Jesus
  • Allah vs Yahweh
    Various Bibles
  • Holy Bible as fact or literature
  • Afterlife
  • Creation
  • Value of humans
  • Life purpose
  • Morals
  • What are humans
  • Marriage and sex
  • Society and government
  • History
  • Your age/gender
  • Result categories are given in percentages: Christian, Postmodernism, New Spirituality, Islamic, Secular, or Marxist.

The I.C.A.N. Study (Infant Cognition and Nutrition):

Warriors, this is also being applied to SEL. The Study is being conducted by University of NC’s Cheatham School (within the Nutrition Research Institute). The question is this, does what a breastfeeding mom eat really impact her child’s cognitive skills?

So how is SEL woven in? The Association for Psychological Science (APS) is looking at infant cognition from the aspect of how to rework what skills need to be learned vs what cognition is ‘pre-wired’. As we’ve seen in education, this is a dangerous territory. If you are curious about what education topics are researched at APS, go here.

You can also trace infant cognition to ‘early learning’. Back in the 1990s, the National Education Goals Panel reported that by 2000, ALL children would arrive in the earliest of classrooms ‘ready’ to learn. Here we are in 2019, and the same S.O.S. is going on. Only, from this side of the timeline, we see the damage are harm being done to our ‘early learners’.

Creating Change: The National LGBTQ Task Force:

This annual Conference has gained year-round traction in education and in our communities. Many of the corporate sponsors are, in fact, CCSS Machine members such as GM (General Motors) and Coca-Cola. Much of the inclusion sought on behalf of those within this population group are seeking to influence government (legislation), the 2020 Census (so more federal dollars can be accessed), as well as the emotional learning in schools for proper pronoun usage, acceptance of all religions, and more. If you’d like to see the 2019 Program so you can connect some more dots between this Conference and SEL, visit here(*Note:  Click on the 2019 Creating Change Program)

Life Coach School:

Warriors, this school has the latest and greatest tools to train your brain, emotions, and manage your emotions. According to the main page, traditional education doesn’t teach this. However, this ‘school’ is a business built around a service industry, NOT a true educational accredited learning institution.(*Note: I found this by scrolling down to the bottom of the main page and looking through the featured magazine.)
In an interview from Modern Marriage, you can see how the co-founders are growing their business, moreso than on the website.

How does Life Coaching end up in our educational S.O.S. sack? Anywhere you can find Life Skills taught. Now, life coaching is a vital part of mental health therapy, and therefore isn’t bad at all. However, as parents, we need to KNOW the mental health therapy our students are getting is from medically certified and trained facilities, not private businesses. With the ESSA mandates to expand mental health professionals, we need to know the degrees these professionals have is actually worthy, meaning, objective, not subjective.


Warriors, even with a certified doctor, we must be on guard, for we know the SELmanipulations, the rapid labeling, and sequestered information happening in offices across the country.

The Positivity Project (P2):

This NC based group centers around the school-aged children learning character education (aka SEL) at school, in their homes, and in the community. Here’s a quick summary of the entire program (relies on partnering with schools). “Together, we will create citizens and leaders who will enhance our communities and country by internalizing the belief that “Other People Matter.”” The founders of P2? Former military servicemen inspired by Dr. Chris Peterson, considered to the originator of “positive psychology”.

If you want to see one of Dr. Peterson’s books he co-authored on the 24 “Virtues in Action” used in SEL today, go here.


Warriors, the P2 folks say ‘character’ is also called ‘grit’(*Note: when you look at their map of the 24 Virtues,  notice the similarity to the globalism and collective thinking we’re seeing flourish in SEL and by the CCSS Machine’s doing.)

Aspen Institute’s “From A Nation at Risk, to a Nation at Hope”:

Warriors, our final item for the S.O.S. sack, is none other than Aspen itself. This group is a CCSS Machine ‘top’ member. Their National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development recently published a Report. Here’s all you need to know about WHY they made a report:
The promotion of social, emotional, and academic learning is not a shifting educational fad; it is the substance of education itself.”


Well, Warriors, for now, our sack of Education’s Shift of Self is full. Yes, it’s quite heavy. Yes, it’s quite awful, too. Take the time, this weekend, to go over it, find out if any of this (or all of it) is in your school? Is it being used in your churches, your communities? After school programs? Ask those in charge if they are aware of the roots for what they are teaching or leading.

Be proactive in replacing harmful SEL with real education.

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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